Friday, September 13, 2013

The Stupidest thing Ever to Emerge from Jerusalem

The Stupidest thing Ever to Emerge from Jerusalem



    The Israeli Supreme Court is never one to procrastinate when it comes to hopping aboard the stupidest bandwagons of the political correctness movement.


Yesterday Supreme Court justices ruled that imprisoned "transgendered"  she-males are deserving of special compassion and reductions in their prison terms because they are such unfortunate and suffering souls.


The case involved a woman who claims she lives as a man and would like to do sex-change surgery.  She - or if you read Haaretz, this person who is everywhere referred to as "he" - has already had her hooters surgically removed.  She is doing jail time because of her participation in a gas station stickup.  She was sentenced to 15 months in a women's prison plus a fine, but yesterday the Supreme Court reduced her prison term to 10 months.  How come?  The judges ruled that life is really tough inside prison for the "transgendered" and so she deserves special consideration.  Think I made this up?  See  A similar report in leftist YNET that also refers to her as "he" can be seen here:,7340,L-4429353,00.html .


What is even more amazing is the list of the judges who signed on to this judicial buffoonery.  They included the supposedly conservative and religious justice Noam Solberg.  He was joined by the Arab judge Salim Joubran and the pseudo-conservative judge Neal Hendel.  Their role is significant because these two were among the Supreme Court judges who refused to defend freedom of speech in the Gordon-Plaut "libel" suit and allowed the judgment in favor of pro-terrorist Neve Gordon to stand.  They ruled that criticizing the criminal political activities of Gordon in interfering with IDF anti-terror operations is indeed libel, even though it is factually correct and Gordon was breaking the law.  As can be seen from the ruling on behalf of the she-male, they are not only anti-democratic but are also inconceivably and indescribably goofy.


Until now I thought that the Knesset initiative to ban fashion advertisements that show skinny models was the very stupidest thing ever to emerge from Jerusalem, but here I stand corrected.


In any case, I would not ordinarily add these thoughts and mental associations, but heck I figure it is just a few hours until Yom Kippur and so I will be able to atone for this while it is still fresh.   You see, the imprisoned she-male who gets released early triggered some mental associations for me regarding an episode of the television show "Friends."   It is where the "Joey" character is supposed to go for an audition to get the part for a movie in which he needs to do a nude scene, and the nude scene requires a character who is in possession of a foreskin.  So the other "friends" decide to construct one for Joey out of silly putty.  All goes well until the silly putty slips off in the middle of the audition.


Well, Israel's Supreme Court justices just had their silly putty slip off of their thinking apparatuses in this decision.  And all day long I have been agonizing over the following question:  When a female "transgendered" thing decides to become a "male" through surgery, does she decide to have one constructed for her that includes a foreskin?  I just can't get this out of my mind!


Ok, I confess, I have a secret agenda here.  Ordinarily in the late hours of Yom Kippur our minds tend to wander off and we think about food.   But after reading this I am pretty sure any mind wandering you will experience THIS Kippur will involve the above image of the silly putty slipping off and you will not think about food at all!


Hatima Tova to all!

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