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Israeli Court Whitewashes Medieval Blood Libel



   Raed Salah is the head of the Islamofascist "Northern Islamic Movement" in Israel, a thinly disguised front for the Hamas.  He is violent and pro-violence.  He is also a naked anti-Semite who makes the Grand Mufti of the 1940s look tame.


     Salah, you may recall, gave a talk at Haifa University a few years back in which he called upon Arab students to become suicide bombers.  The administration of the University prohibited Jews from entering the lecture hall in which the jihadist sheikh Salah spoke, ordering guards to "select out" Jews trying to enter.  This is the same administration now defending the "legal clinics" in the university's law school that are sending out students to counsel jailed terrorists.


   A while back, the same Salah proclaimed the following in a speech in 2007: "We [Muslims] have never allowed ourselves to knead the bread that breaks the fast in the holy month of Ramadan with children's blood…Whoever wants a more thorough explanation, let him ask what used to happen to some children in Europe, whose blood was mixed in with the dough of the holy bread." (See ).  In the same speech he called for violence against Jews.


   Yup - the sheikh is repeating the medieval libels about Jews using the blood of Christian children to make Passover matzos.  And no, Salah has never been jailed for this in Israel, because it is protected speech here, in contrast with criticism by non-leftists of the public political activities of leftists.


   Now the above blood libel quote from Salah has played an interesting judicial role.  It seems the Sheikh wanted to visit the UK.  But the UK has a list of racist inciters that it bars from entry and ordered him deported after he got through.  Never mind that its list is politically distorted and includes people like US radio personality Michael Savage, Moshe Feiglin, and some preachers against homosexuality.  But it also includes some actual racist mongrels.


    The UK ruled that the bloody Sheikh Salah was barred from entering or staying in Britain.  But the local jihadis in Britain ran to the court and petitioned to have the ban lifted.  The case went before an immigration judge named OckeltonAnd the star witness for the Salah lobby was none other than Ilan Pappe, the notorious pseudo-academic fraud who fabricated the imaginary "Tantora Massacre," who has spent recent decades demanding that Israel be annihilated, and who lives in the UK now as professor of Jew-bashing at the University of Exeter.  As "expert" witness, Comrade Pappe appeared in court and told the judges that the above quote from Salah was not referring to Jews at all but to Christians of the Inquisition who used the blood of Muslim children.  Never mind that the Christians of the Inquisition never made religious use of the blood of Muslim children.  Never mind that the quote is from a diatribe by Salah against Jews and not against Christians.  Pappe's testimony was about as valid and reliable as everything else Pappe has ever written or said.  The British court laughed Pappe out of the pub and dismissed the petition of the Salah lobby. 


   A while after this, the same quote by Salah was raised when there were calls in Israel to prosecute Salah under Israel's "anti-racism" law.  That law of course is never applied to Arabs or to Jewish leftists.  But a hearing was held over Salah's speech.   The presiding magistrate judge was Judge Hannah Miriam Lomp.  She ACQUITED the sheikh of the racism charge, although did convict him of incitement to violence, even though Salah was just minding his own business and shouting at a crowd of hundreds to murder Jews.


   In the hearing before Lomp, Salah was represented by the Marxist lawyer Avigdor Feldman, who otherwise has specialized in defending Arab terrorists who murdered Jewish children, including the infamous torture/murder of 15 year old Haifa youth Dani Katz.  Feldman went beyond Pappe.  He argued that actually Salah's words in the above quote were a denunciation of Christians in Europe for carrying out pogroms against Jews, and so it was actually Salah DEFENDING Jews.  He argued this with a straight face.  AND JUDGE LOMP ACCEPTED THIS CLAIM AT FACE VALUE!!


    That is correct.  A sitting Jewish judge in Israel accepted without protest the Orwellian claim that an Islamofascist accusing Jews of drinking the blood of gentile children was REALLY defending Jews from Christian pogroms!


    Even more amazing is the fact that Lomp herself is originally from a religious home (see .  Like so many, she seems to understand the writing on the wall and bends over backwards and to the left so as not to be accused of being prejudiced in any Jewish-nationalist ideological way.  Here is another of her rulings, celebrated by the Far Leftist B'Tselem group: .  To her credit she also has a couple of rulings against the police for mistreatment of rightwing protesters.  She also convicted the leftist pederast Ezra Nawi of "insulting a public official" when Nawi called him a war criminal.


   Of course there is nothing the public can do about unelected judges who make rulings such as that by Lomp concerning the blood libel.  If we do not like it we can just Lomp it.


   There is however one bright ray of hope on the horizon.  The wonderful law Professor Daniel Friedmann, who served as Minister of Justice, has long led the battle against judicial activist judges in Israel, meaning judicial tyranny.  Friedmann is the main voice in Israel denouncing the anti-democratic behavior and ideology of the judicial Left.  The very first serious error in judgment when Netanyahu was elected Prime Minister - and hardly his last - was the decision NOT to extend Friedmann's position as justice minister. 


     And Friedmann has just published a 620 page volume (Hebrew only for now) detailing the decades of abuse by Israel's "activist" judges.  It is already the talk of the legal corridors and it may actually make a difference.  It is devastating.  The title is The Purse and the Sword, which is not exactly my first choice for title.  But it is one of the most important books to come out in Israel.


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