Sunday, November 10, 2013

Praise the Lord and Pass the Polonium!



1.   Here is a fast thought on how Israel is handling the newest silliness coming from the Pestilinians and their friends on the Right and the Left (a particularly silly one is here  ) concerning the "poisoning" of Arafat by polonium.  Since there had been rumors for years that Arafat died of AIDS, the PLO chiefs seem downright ecstatic to have this new "theory" to play with!


     Israeli leaders are trying to dismiss the accusations that Israel poisoned Arafat   The Pestilinians and their Swiss scientific hired guns are claiming that "polonium," a radioactive element, was found on the carcass of His Ugliness.  Israelis are pointing out that polonium only has a half life of 138 days and so, if His Ugliness had been poisoned with it, there would be none left to detect.  Others are mentioning that strychnine works so much better than polonium and costs so much less, so why would anyone use polonium to off the terrorist?  Strychnine also would have the advantage of drawing a mental association between Arafat and Hitler, since the latter liked to shoot up strychnine.


     Anyhow, in my opinion, the entire Israeli approach is foolish.  Instead, Israel should proudly take credit for the "poisoning" of Arafat.   Not that I think for a minute that Israel actually poisoned Arafat.  To my great sorrow and regret, Israeli leaders always lacked the courage to assassinate Arafat.   But Arab conspiracism needs no facts and Israel should feed the Arab conspiracist machine and mindset.  Let the "Palestinians" spend their days looking under their beds and testing their hummus for polonium!  Sure, Israeli leaders should say: yup we gave him polonium and we will do the same with any other mass murderers of Jews. 


    In fact we should make polonium something of a national pastime and celebration.


    Let's have soccer teams named the Poloniumists!  Let's have polonium tournaments for high school chemistry students to see who can manufacture it at the lowest cost and in the fastest time.  Let Israel replace all those old jokes about Polish mothers with jokes about polonium mothers.  Let the Knesset hold a special evening of madrigal singing in which Knesset Members chant, "Praise the Lord and Pass the Polonium." 


      I am sure you can think up some other ideas that are even better than these!



2.  The Knesset education committee will be holding an emergency session to discuss the "Aid-to-Terrorists" legal clinics run by the law school at the University of Haifa.  These "clinics" have been in the news in the past couple of weeks largely thanks to a report on them released by the Im Trtzu Zionist student organization.   The report was picked up and promoted by Maariv, including Op-Eds by a number of Maariv columnists demanding action against the University of Haifa, and also by Israel Hayom (the freebie newspaper that actually has the largest market share of any daily in Israel).  See this story:   


    The chiefs of the University of Haifa report being inundated with outraged letters, and the parents of terror victims have issued a statement condemning the university.  The law school at the University of Haifa is solidly and monolithically left-wing.   I do not know of a single faculty member who teaches there who is NOT a leftist.  The law school, you may recall, banned the singing of Hatikva at school graduation ceremonies lest it offend the delicate sensitivities of Arabs.  Law school faculty there have studiously refused ever to speak out against infringements of freedom of speech when the speech rights by non-leftists are violated, but can be counted upon to sign any leftwing petition to roll off the bandwagon.


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