Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Promote and Defend the Legacy of the Hero Yitzhak Rabin!!

   Promote and Defend the Legacy of the Hero Yitzhak Rabin!!




   Friends, Comrades, Fellow Inciters, lend me your ears.


   I hereby call upon you to join the efforts on behalf of honoring Yitzhak Rabin.  We need to unite in our support for Yitzhak Rabin and teach his legacy.  We need to salute his wisdom and courage.  We need to teach young Israelis to honor and respect Yitzhak Rabin and embrace his life and ideas.  Yitzhak Rabin is a wonderful role model for all of us.


     Now before you get too confused at my call for support and embracing of Yitzhak Rabin, let me clarify.  I am not talking about the assassinated Prime Minister by the same name, the man who was killed by Yigal Amir.   (By the way, now that John Kerry is proclaiming that Lee Harvey Oswald was part of a conspiracy, maybe Kerry will continue to read Barry Chamish and endorse the Chamish fictions about that assassination as well?)


    No, my fellow Zionists, I am actually speaking about a DIFFERENT Yitzhak Rabin.


    The Yitzhak Rabin of whom I speak and whose ideas are deserving of our compassionate embrace is an 18 year old Jordanian Arab now living in Israel.  It seems that his mother named him Yitzhak Rabin when he was born in Jordan, shortly after the assassination of that OTHER Yitzhak Rabin.  His mother was an admirer of Israel and its leaders.  The locals in their home town however did not take kindly to the fellow with that name.  People can be so insensitive at times, much as I discovered when I renamed a sewer rat living in the wadi off my street in Haifa as Shulamit Aloni.  I mean, after that naming no one on the street would have anything to do with the cute cuddly little rodent.   In fact, my devoted family cats, Reagan and Thatcher, tend to chase the rat down the sewer aggressively whenever it peeks out.


     The Jordanian Yitzhak Rabin and his family were harassed and mistreated until at some point they asked for asylum inside Israel.  Here Yitzhak Rabin decided he identifies completely with the state of Israel.  He decided to convert to Judaism and is in the advanced stages of doing so, having kept kosher and Shabbat for years, unlike the other Yitzhak Rabin.  He speaks Hebrew like a sabra and has ambitions of being an officer in the IDF.  (Story is in today's Yediot Ahronot, Nov 12, but I am not finding it online.) 


    Yitzhak Rabin ran across some bureaucratic problems when he tried to enlist in the army, which ordinarily does not make Jordanian citizens into IDF officers.  The Knesset held a debate about his request this week, and Labor MK Eitan Cabel proposed that he be allowed to enlist even before completing conversion.  After all, Israeli Arabs may volunteer to serve in the military of their country and some do.  So would it not be fun to have a Yitzhak Rabin here who was actually seeking to defend the interests of Israel?  Maybe we could assign him the task of ridding the country of the ISM "solidarity" anarchofascist terrorists? 


     I rarely agree with Cavel but I think he is dead on when it comes to Yitzhak Rabin, the 18 year old Jordanian one that is, not the muddle-headed embarrassment of a Prime Minister who once ruled Israel with the same name.


     So to this Yitzhak Rabin, I would like to welcome you into the tribe and into the IDF.  Shalom Chaver!


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