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Carmi Gillon Plays Hamlet for the Jihad


1.   Generations from now, when historians are trying to make sense of the enormous stupidity of Israel in the Oslo era, no doubt much attention will be focused on the role of leftists in the Israeli intelligence services.   The simple fact of the matter is that Israel has stupendous capabilities in the technical side of intelligence collection, but this is often neutralized by the incredible stupidity at the top of the intelligence services.   All the technical information in the world is useless if the person interpreting it is an idiot with a political agenda to advance blindly.  (Those who think US intelligence is any better should read the works of Angelo Codevilla - .) 


    Time after time the most senior intelligence officers come from the Israeli Left and so insist on forcing the information they are fed into the ideological mould and framework of the Left.   When Peres and Beilin began the Oslo debacle, not a single warning came out of the intelligence services that Arafat and the PLO were simply playing Israel, that they would use any plot of land over which they would be granted control for terrorist aggression against Israel.  Not a single intelligence warning came out that showed that the PLO's intentions were war, that the PLO would never recognize Israel or seek peace with Israel, that the PLO was still devoted to genocidal aggression against Jews.  The irony was that every commentator in Israel with eyes in his head and who did NOT have access to any special intelligence information understood perfectly well what the intelligence "experts" had blinded themselves from seeing.


    And so, more than two decades after the Oslo debacle began, the PLO leadership is still insisting that it will never recognize or accept Israel as a Jewish state (see, even while the Israeli politicians, the journalists, and the erstwhile intelligence chiefs lecture the country about how the PLO are true partners for making peace.  Abu Mazen gave a speech last week singing the praises of the suicide bombers.  The perpetual response of the Left is that the Arabs are being xenophobic and malevolent because the Jews have just not made ENOUGH concessions! 


     Nothing so perfectly illustrates the dominance of Leftist "thinking" over Israeli intelligence services than the horrific propaganda movie "The Gatekeepers."  (See  We have commented on this before and I will not belabor the discussion.  But the film is essentially a series of interviews with four past chiefs of Israeli intelligence.  All four are McClellanist defeatists.  All four are leftists and all four continue to promote the delusions of the Left and insist that Israel must continue down the Oslo road.  The producer of the film is an anti-Israel leftist Israeli who does not attempt to hide his contempt for his own country (see ).   One of the four "stars" of the film is Ami Ayalon.  He is the anti-democratic villain who just prevented Prof. Robert Aumann from receiving an honorary PhD at the University of Haifa because Aumann does not comply with the thought police that Ami Ayalon wants to control Israeli academia.   (Ayalon is chair of the steering committee of the University.)


      Watching the film and listening to the delusions and political biases of these intelligence officials teaches us everything we need to know about the failures of Israeli statecraft in the past two decades.


      One of the other "stars" of that propaganda film was Carmi Gillon.  Another past intelligence official, Gillon is most infamously remembered for having set up a partisan "Surveillance Team for Spying on Jews," for spying on "settlers" and "rightists" and other politically incorrect groups of Jews.  To harass and persecute them for partisan reasons. 


     All of which makes the story of Gillon פךשטןמע Hשצךקא שמג scrambling frantically to escape being arrested by Danish leftists all the more delicious.


     The anti-democratic Gillon was in Denmark to help promote the screening there of The Gatekeepers.  A local branch of the axis of evil, that which links leftists with jihadis, had filed a petition in Denmark to have Gillon apprehended and arrested there on charges of "torture."   Basically the groups of people who seek to have Israeli military personnel and politicians arrested in Europe are inspired and mentored by the very same Israeli leftists that Gillon and his Gatekeeper comrades serve.  Anti-Israel leftist propaganda by Israelis leads directly to lawfare assaults by jihadis, leftists and Hitlerjugend groups in Europe seeking to harass and arrest Israelis. 


    Gillon had to scramble to get out of Denmark a few steps ahead of the arrest warrant.   Pseudo-Hamlet style, he then growled about how baseless the charges against him were, this coming from the very same person who has spent so much of his career promoting baseless charges against Israel and against Israeli non-leftists.   The story about Gillon's adventures in Denmark is here and .


   So it really is not much of an exaggeration to claim that the real cause of the attempt to have Gillon arrested was the very same propaganda film that he and Ami Ayalon and the rest of the Shin Bet Left produced.   I personally would like to call on Denmark to issue a similar arrest warrant for Ami Ayalon.  If you Danes send the Interpol to the University of Haifa to come pick him up, you are all welcome to use my own office for free as your logistics operations base.  I will move some of the posters of Naomi Chazan with the rhino horn on her nose out of the way so you will all have enough room.



      [And while I obviously think that Carmi Gillon is an incompetent anti-democratic buffoon, let me make it clear that this is NOT the same thing as endorsing any of the infantile "theories" of Barry Chamish about how Gillon was somehow responsible for the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin.  As usual, Chamish "theories" about everything are deranged idiocy.  Chamish's latest cause, by the way, is to recruit his few remaining followers into helping him fight off a conspiracy by the Council on Foreign Relations to place noisy toddlers in the apartment unit above his in Florida, where Chamish is living off welfare and where, according to his latest "publication," the toddler noise is interfering with his invention of conspiracy fiction.]



2.    One of the problems in Israel is that the media, most of which are dominated by leftists, rarely conduct public opinion polls in which the truly relevant questions are asked.  Until now, I have not seen any serious poll about what Israelis want to do with the tens of thousands of African illegal infiltrators in the country.   Leftists in the media prefer to lecture the Israelis about how "Jewish ethics" require that Israel grant unlimited refuge and "rights" to the Africans, just as long as none of them are housed in the buildings where the Leftists live.  This coming from the very same secularist leftists who have never studied or observed Judaism and have no idea whatsoever what Jewish ethics really are.


    Anyway, the conservative Makor Rishon newspaper conducted a poll last week about the African invaders and its results appeared on Friday.  The vast majority of Israelis believe the government exhibited gross incompetence in everything related to the invaders.  In terms of dealing with the invaders, 51% of Israelis want all of the Africans to be evicted immediately.  Another 43% want most of them evicted but are willing for some to be granted special residence visas in exceptional circumstances, such as those facing persecution in their home countries.  Only 2% want the invaders to be generally allowed to remain in Israel.  These are the 2% who have been influenced by the New Israel Fund rallies and media events in which leftists prepare placards and speeches for the Africans so they can pretend to be persecuted refugees.  The latest rallies by the invaders are where the Left has them cued to scream about their "rights."  Just what "rights" do illegal African invaders have in Israel?  Other than the right to a one-way ticket on a steamship from Eilat to Africa?  (I personally would make them pay for those tickets as well!)   I guess I would be willing to pay for their plane tickets to Denmark though.


    In the same poll, Israelis (including Israeli Arabs) were asked if they think the Kerry "negotiations" will produce any results, and 80% said no.  9% said yes, with the rest having no response or saying don't know.  9% is half the proportion of Arabs in the population.    Israelis were asked what they would say if Kerry produced a "deal" under which the Arabs recognized Israel as a Jewish state and where a Palestinian state was formed in the West Bank with minor exchanges of territory and where the settlement concentrations remain part of Israel.  Fully 53% say they would OPPOSE such a deal, even if it were to be offered.   34% said they would support the deal, except that the "Palestinians" repeat three times a day that they will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state (see above quote by reptilian Ashrawi) and so the 34% are endorsing a completely imaginary and utopian "deal" that will not be on the table.


      More specifically, since Kerry has been drumming on the need for Israel to abandon the Jordan Valley and turn it over to the savages in a "peace deal," fully 73% of Israelis say they would OPPOSE Israel giving up the Jordan Valley even if it were part of an overall peace accord.  20% say they would endorse it.   I presume these are the Arabs in the survey saying so. 


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