Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Yuli Tamir finds some Suppression of Freedom of Speech

1.   Long lost Pete Seeger song discovered shortly after his death, goes like this:  If I had a hammer, I'd also have a sickle.....



  Leftwing Fascist in Action:   Yuli Tamir (Tel Aviv University, Philosophy), who as Labor Party Minister of Education fired a teacher for expressing an opinion she disliked (Yisrael Shiran), joins the campaign to defend the right of a communist teacher to indoctrinate his students in the classroom.   In Haaretz, she demands that teachers promote what she considers to be “liberal and critical views.”  And Those Only!   She made more sense back when she was defending clitoridectomies ( ).
 The controversy surrounding the remarks by Kiryat Tivon high-school teacher Adam Verete attests to the changes that have occurred in Israeli society over the last few years, and just how far the line that marks what one can and cannot say has shifted.
In recent decades public discourse has moved far beyond the right’s positions. In other words, those same public stances that fluctuate on the spectrum between the critical, democratic and humane camp to the nationalistic camp where harming another, whether “the enemy,” foreigner or refugee, is fair game and criticism is what’s forbidden.
…I am ashamed over the persecution going on against teachers who express liberal or critical views, not because I feel estranged from the Israeli education system and its values but because I feel a great sense of belonging to that system and want to see it, as well as Israeli society as a whole, preserve freedom of expression.

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