Friday, March 14, 2014

About Kerry's Claim that the "Palestinians" have already Recognized Israel as a Jewish State


   About Kerry's Claim that the "Palestinians" have already Recognized Israel as a Jewish State


By Steven Plaut



   When Shimon Peres and his junta began the Oslo "process," the "deal" with the Palestinians was supposed to be that Israel would recognize the PLO as a legitimate side to the conflict and as representative of the "Palestinian People" in exchange for the PLO recognizing the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state.


    Israel did, and the PLO did not. 


    The idiocy of Oslo is evident in the fact that here we are - two decades later - and still arguing over whether the "Palestinian Authority" needs to recognize the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state.   The latest twist is that Mister Horse Face, John Kerry, does not see any reason why the "Palestinians" need to recognize Israel at all.  Instead, Israel should just keep making concessions to them, and should abandon the completely unreasonable demand that the "Palestinians" recognize the legitimacy of Israel as a Jewish state.


   Moreover, Kerry has a new invention.  He claims that Yassir Arafat actually recognized Israel twice as a  Jewish state.  He found evidence of these in old video clips.  Well, evidently no one bothered to let Arafat know that he had done so.  Let us recall that Arafat never changed the "Palestinian Covenant" that demanded that all of Israel be exterminated.


     Kerry is simply deconstructing some old speeches of Arafat and twisting the words to make it appear like Arafat recognized Israel.   No doubt he found something like Arafat saying that all the people in the Jewish state need to be thrown into the sea, and Kerry understands from this that Arafat "recognized the Jewish state." 


    Now if indeed Arafat really HAD recognized Israel as a legitimate Jewish state, then there would be no reason whatsoever for Israel to make concessions and abandon the demand that Abu Mazen and his horde also recognize Israel as a legitimate Jewish state.  If Arafat has already recognized Israel, what does the Palestinian Authority lose from doing the same?  Let Abu Mazen proclaim three times a day that not only is Israel a Jewish state but it is legitimate that Israel be a Jewish state.  If he were to do so, surely the Israeli electorate would then be happy to conduct negotiations and make more concessions.


   In fact of course Abu Mazen and the rest of the Terrorocracy proclaim three times a day that they will NEVER recognize Israel as a Jewish state.  So even if Arafat HAD recognized Israel, which he hadn't, this would be completely irrelevant.  Kerry's conclusion is that Israel has to stop its obstinate insistence on being recognized by the "Palestinians."


   If Netanyahu had an ounce of self-dignity and intelligence, he would announce that until Abu Mazen starts proclaiming three times a day that Israel is a legitimate Jewish state (and not simply proclaim that it is de facto an empirical Jewish state), then Israel will shut off all the utilities, including electricity and water, to all areas under the rule of the Palestinian Authority, deny all residents of those areas the right of passage through Israel and the right to work in Israel, and will freeze all their bank accounts. 


      How is that for a response to a refusal to recognize Israel?   If Kerry whines about it, Netanyahu can simply point out that he is responding the exact same way that Abraham Lincoln responded to Confederates who refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Union!






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