Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One more Assault against Freedom of Speech in Israel by the Netanyahu Gang



1.  It seems that the guiding principle for so much of Netanyahu's policy is to apologize to foreign anti-Semites every time Israelis are attacked by violent terrorists.  This is how Netanyahu "defused" the tensions with Turkey after Turkish Islamofascist terrorists attacked and attempted to murder unarmed Israeli troops.  Then yesterday a Palestinian "judge" living in Jordan attacked an IDF soldier at the border bridge and attempted to grab his weapon.  The terrorist was shot to death.  Netanyahu issued a statement of "regret" and sent it to Jordan.


2.  As good a reason as any why you should regard the Hebrew University as a hostile anti-Zionist institution:


3.   The jihad against the freedom of speech of non-leftists continues in Israel at full steam.  The newest attack is the indictment of two rabbis who urged Israeli soldiers to disobey orders when they would be ordered to evict Jewish settlers from their homes.  The two rabbis are  Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpo and Shabtai Weintraub.  See .


   I happen to disagree with the Rabbis' opinion.   I also happen to think that these Rabbis should enjoy freedom of speech to express opinions of which I disagree. 


    Let us note that not a single one of the hundreds of tenured Leftists and fellow travelers who called upon Israeli soldiers to mutiny and refuse to obey orders and to refuse to serve in the "Occupied Territories" has ever been arrested or indicted.   So, in other words, indicting people for calling on soldiers to refuse to obey orders is just the latest selective anti-democratic tactic of the campaign against freedom of speech for non-leftists.  Evidently the new indictments are the work of the anti-democratic leftist Deputy Attorney General Shai Nitzan who was appointed by the Likud government.  Nitzan's ideas about freedom of speech resemble somewhat those of the leaders of North Korea.


See also    

Guess how many "human rights" NGOs in Israel protested against the suppression of the freedom of speech of these Rabbis!  Guess how many Israeli law professors defended their freedom of speech!


More on Leftwing Fascism in Israel:



4.  The Knesset just raised the minimum vote needed for parliamentary representation from 2% to 3.25% of the popular vote.   That is still far too low.  No party getting  a mere 3.25% of votes would ever get into the US Congress or the British House of Commons.  In any case, the Radical Left has been foaming at the mouth and having conniptions all week.  The 3.25% threshold makes it impossible for picayune radical leftist groups to attempt to run for the parliament.  It also can weed out some of the Arab fascist groups who run.  The Arab parties would need to unite and run as a single list, but they tend to bicker and quarrel and may not be able to do so, since the run the range from Stalinists to 12th century Islamists.  The Left whines that the law is "anti-democratic."  But since when is it democratic to allow picayune fringe groups attracting two percent of voters to have parliamentary clout in national decision making.  If the US had such a cutoff, the Congress would have reps from PETA, the "911 Troofer" conspiracy nuts, and the militia groups like the one that blew up Oklahoma City.


      It occurs to me that if Israel REALLY wants a functional parliament consisting of capable people serving the nation and not wasting money and time, maybe it should consider raising the threshold for Knesset representation for a party to 110% of the popular vote.


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