Friday, March 21, 2014

The fate of the Crimean Jewish Kibbutz Commies


1.  So obvious that even the French understand:

French interior minister: Anti-Zionism is new anti-Semitism



2.  I mentioned this recently but - given the news stories - it is worth mentioning again.  In the kate 1920s a group of Jewish communists living in "Palestine" decided that their real mission in life was building socialism.  They made "aliya" from Israel to the Soviet Union and the established at least one kibbutz in the Crimean peninsula.  That is correct - there once was a Jewish-Israeli kibbutz operating the Crimea, placed there to help build Soviet "socialism" and promote Soviet power.

The story of this kibbutz is in Haaretz today - see

It is a comfort to know that nearly all of the kibbutzniks in question were liquidated by Stalin during the purges.  As far as I know, only one escaped with his life, returned to Israel and became a rightwing Zionist.



3.  Knesset Member from the Labor Party Eitan Cabel is pushing a law that would prohibit the distribution of Israel Hayom, the pro-Netanyahu freebie daily newspaper that is wiping the floor with the other daily newspapers in Israel. 

 Cabel claims he wants Israel Hayom prohibited in order to create true fair competition for Israeli newspapers.  He also no doubt wants to create true fair competition in Israeli politics by banning all political parties except for the Israeli Labor Party and then interning all people who are not members of the Labor Party in special camps.

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