Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jewish Leftists defending Censorship by Brandeis



1.  The leftwing fascist "Reform Rabbi" and Haaretz columnist Eric Yoffie endorses the censorship at Brandeis, where Brandies decided to deny a critic of Islam an honorary degree:   Brandeis Gets it Right on Islam



Yoffie's position was also endorsed by ultra-liberal Deborah Lipstadt.  She has also recently endorsed the pilgrimage of Harvard students to Arafat's grave and has been lobbying against the release of Pollard.  A few years back she called me a moron for trying to get the Neo-Nazi Norman Finkelstein fired at DePaul University, insisting it would backfire and DePaul would not fire him.  Well it did not backfire and my campaign was instrumental in getting Finkelstein fired there.  The DePaul Senate was officially directed to read my analysis of the Finkelstein fiasco and I exposed the pseudo-academic anti-Israel streetwalkers who were rallying to defend Finkelstein and help get him tenured. 


Lipstadt also recently signed a petition endorsing Kerry's initiative.  While Lipstadt deserves enormous credit for her valuable work on the Holocaust, she has long been undermining that legacy with her obsessive shallow ultra-liberalism.   



2.  Ron Pundak, the clueless halfwit who was sent by Shimon Peres illegally to "negotiate" with the PLO in Oslo in 1992 in preparing the Oslo "deal" and "accord," died on Friday.  Haaretz and the Left are unable to control their tears.  Obituaries in the press from J Street (which recently demanded that Israel stop insisting that the "Palestinians" recognize it as a legitimate Jewish state) and Meretz pretty much tell you all you need to know about Pundak.


Pundak was a pseudo-academic with virtually no academic credentials who teamed up with Yair Hirschfeld, another failed wannabe academic, and set off at the behest of Beilin and Peres to conduct "negotiations" with the PLO behind the back of the democratically elected government of Israel.  Naturally, these "negotiations" consisted of the non-elected duo agreeing to most of the demands of the PLO while getting no concessions at all in return.  In particular the rejected the idea that the PLO should be subjected to any tests to see if its "moderation" and interest in peace were genuine.  Of course, they were not  genuine, but the Pundak formula was: Damn the Tests of Behavior, Full Speed Ahead into Oslo Oblivion.


Pundak was a leading advocate of the idea that peace in the Middle East can be achieved by pretending that war does not exist.   The obstacle to peace was, in his view, Israel refusing to conduct "talks" with terrorists who were conducting mass murder of Jews and claiming that Jews drink the blood of gentile children for Passover.  Pundak believed that Israel must abandon all of its positions and agree to pretty much everything the PLO demanded.  He later teamed up with Yossi Beilin in proposing the "Geneva Agreement," an outline for a final solution of the Middle East conflict based upon near-complete Israeli capitulation.


Pundak, in short, was the epitome of everything that went wrong in Israel over the past 2 decades.  He embodied and symbolized the detachment from reality of the Israeli Left, and also the Left's deep loathing for Jewish self-respect and Zionism, as well as its disrespect for elections and democracy.  


Israel is far, far worse off thanks to the "career" of Pundak.   He was the poster boy for abandoning the idea that analysis and thinking and history are things that should guide Israeli public policy.  He believed that Israel should adopt positions that make people like him feel good, that would allow leftists to feel righteous, that would allow them to feel comfortable when hanging about with their leftist gentile friends from other lands, and never mind how much worse the consequences that any implementation of their "ideas" would be for Israel.   He was the symbol of the replacement of the thinking Jew with the wish-upon-a-star Jew, the Jew who was willing to ignore reality and concentrate on fantasies about a "New Middle East."


He, Hirschfeld, Beilin, and Peres are directly responsible for the nearly 2000 murdered Israeli victims of Oslo, and for the thousands of rockets that have been launched into Israel by their "peace partners."  Yet none of these has ever been made to pay a price for their folly.  Pundak is now beyond caring.


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