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Passover Week as Leftist Celebration of anti-Semitism and Self-Abasement



One would think that Passover week should be the time for triumphant Jewish pride and lowered profiles in embarrassment for the Jewish Left.  Nevertheless the past few days have seen an upsurge in Jewish anti-Semitism, defeatism, and self-abasement by the Jewish Left.


First we had the "mission" of the Israeli Far Left that made pilgrimage to Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), the "president" of "Palestine," on the day that the Israeli police officer Baruch Mizrachi was being buried.  The officer had been murdered while on his way to the Passover seder with his wife and five children.  Some of his kids were also injured.  There was not a dry non-leftist eye in Israel at the sight of Mizrachi's eight year old son saying kaddish at the funeral.  The Left decided that it would be a good day to run to the Terrorist in Chief and demand that Israel make more concessions.  The delegation  included leaders from the Israeli Labor Party and Meretz/Peace Now. 


Next we have the decision by the editors of Haaretz, that Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, to devote its weekend holiday magazine supplement to a puff interview with Stephen Walt, the anti-Semitic "professor" who co-crayoned that book about the cabals of the Zionist Lobby and its nefarious conspiratorial control over Washington.  The magazine cover shows a glowing smiling Walt, who explains how the 9-11 attacks and the US campaign in Iraq are all consequences of the nefarious Zionist Lobby.  And of course the media in the US are also under Zionist occupation.  He attacks Noam Chomsky for not being sufficiently militant.  Even the Haaretz interviewer had to raise his eyebrows over some of the overtly anti-Semitic comments by Herr Walt.   (Interview in Hebrew is at )


Then there were the violent riots by the "Palestinian" hooligans on the Temple Mount yesterday.  The Israeli government decided to cope with the terrorism by closing off the Temple Mount to all Jews, this in the middle of Passover.  No, that is not a misprint.  They did not rule that Moslems be barred from the Mount until the violence ends, but rather that the Jewish targets of the violence be barred.  In addition, there have been calls from the Israeli cabinet to impose martial law on the West Bank settlement of Yizhar.  That is the home to some gangs of teenage Jewish rowdies who have engaged in vandalism, including attacks on soldiers.  The Yizhar rowdies definitely deserve a rigorous spanking with a hickory switch.  But martial law?  In the very same days when nothing at all is done by Israel in response to the Temple Mount violence or even the murder of Mizrachi noted above (in fact Israel held "talks" with the Palestinian Authority immediately afterwards.)


This week saw the Marxist anti-Israel hater of democracy Zeev Sternhell, professor at the Hebrew University,  opine that the demand that the "Palestinians" accept Israel as a legitimate Jewish state is nothing less than the road to apartheid (  Haaretz also ran an Op-Ed by its old editor-in-chief David Landau about Yassir Arafat's love of the Jewish Bible, in which it says, inter alia ( :   


"Why did Jacob go to Egypt?" Arafat innocently asked the kippa-wearer — and I walked straight into his trap. "Because there was a famine in Palestine. It's in the Bible," I offered.

"Ah! Yes! But the Palestinians didn't leave the land, did they?" The point was clear. "The Palestinians" — all the biblical tribes had been adopted by the PLO chairman as forbears — loved the land more than the Israelis' forbears. They had more sumud — the Arabic word for steadfastness.

Arafat's recognition of the biblical Israelites as the forefathers of the present ones was, of course, an important concession that contributed to the headline of the interview — "Arafat: Israel is Jewish." But Arafat's lasting (posthumous) contribution, yet to be applied, to Israel-Palestine negotiations came in the religious-historical discussion with me.



Haaretz then runs an Op-Ed by its late columnist Reuven Pedatzur, who died a few days ago, about how the entire Middle East has been destabilized by the fact that Israel's Arrow anti-missile system has proven so successful ( ).


But the crème de la crème of Jewish self-abasement and Jewish anti-Semitism showed up this week on the anti-Semitic blog "Mondoweiss," run by Jewish anti-Semite Philip Weiss.  His web site specializes in maniacal attacks against Israel (see   It even runs the chronically-unemployed pro-Iran pro-Hamas anti-Semitic blogger Richard "Little Dickie" Silverstein, whose own blog has been used by him to smear his own parents (see


Well, this week Mondoweiss ran an article claiming that Israel was behind the murders in Kansas by the Klan fascist:     It earlier ran material claiming that Israel was also behind the 9-11 attacks on the US.  Mondoweiss is so openly anti-Semitic that the far-leftist Daily Kos has condemned it. 


You probably already heard that the Klan terrorist of Kansas cited with approval articles published by the Jewish anti-Semite Max Blumenthal: .  In fact, the anti-Semitic Left contributed to the Kansas pogrom:


Naomi Wolf's latest jihad against Jews, Zionism and feminism is described here: .




2.  On a lighter note ("lighter" being used with double entendre), as you know I always try to stay abreast of trends in political correctness and, to avoid any ambiguity, let me say that the breast that I try to stay abreast of is a non-gender-specific one.  So I wanted to ask your advice about something.  Would I be correct to assume that the person described in the following news story qualifies as transgendered?


Rapper Andre Johnson Cuts Off His Penis, Jumps Off Building in Alleged Suicide Attempt

 (I am not sure whether his health problems are covered under Obamacare). 



3.  A funny interview with Obama is here:

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