Monday, May 19, 2014

Nakba Boo Hoo Hoo



   Try to imagine, if you would,  what would happen if groups of anti-British faculty members at British universities held days of mourning in 1943 and 1944 to express their sorrow over the fact that Britain had not been defeated in the Battle of Britain in the early stages of World War II.   Imagine protests at major British universities against the fact that Britain had successfully defended itself from Nazi invasion.  Imagine demonstrations at British schools to express solidarity with the German soldiers who had attempted to annihilate the British soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk.  Imagine rallies on campus to show solidarity with the sufferings of the German sailors on the Bismarck and on U-boats that had been sunk by the Royal Navy.


   Well if you can imagine all that, then you will have a pretty good idea of the mindset of the Israeli tenured Left these days.  


   Every year the Left attempts to hold "Nakba Day" mourning events, in which participants express their sorrow at the fact that the Arab armies invading Israel in 1948 were unable to defeat and annihilate the country.  To their great sorrow, Israel survived.  Its survival meant of course that its enemies were defeated.  And that defeat is what the "Nakba Day" mourners want the world to sob over.   How terrible must be the suffering and frustration of those who failed to exterminate the Jews of Israel in 1948!


    This year a group of Arabs and Jewish communists sought to hold Nakba Day mourning events at the University of Haifa.  In uncharacteristic good sense, the University administration vetoed the idea and forbade holding the events on campus.  That upset the Fascist Left.  A group of 90 professors and lecturers at various universities in Israel, including quite a few at the University of Haifa itself, signed a petition denouncing the University of Haifa for "violating academic freedom."  (News story here:  )  Many of the signers were the same people who celebrated the decision by the same University to refuse to grant an honorary PhD to Prof. Robert (Yisrael) Aumann because he holds non-leftist opinions.


   As usual, the fascist Left only wants freedom of speech for other leftwing fascists, but never for anyone who is not a leftist. 


      One of the initiators of the petition is one Micah Leshem, the most openly anti-Semitic professor at the University of Haifa.  You may recall him as the fellow who churns out Der Sturmer-style anti-Semitic caricatures of Jews.  Well, he has a new masterpiece of art this week.  He published a cartoon showing the University of Haifa as a large guillotine being used to murder Arabs.  You can see it here:     



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