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The Price Tag Bogeyman






The madness continues.  The Israeli media and a growing number of politicians are screaming at supersonic-jet decibel levels against the "hate crimes" of the "Price Tag" delinquents.   Tzipi Livni and another cabinet minister called for declaring "Price Tag" members to be terrorists because they engage in mischief and write anti-Arab graffiti on walls.  Think they are bluffing?  Many years back the Israeli government declared the Kahanists to be a terrorist group, and their main activity back then was also writing tasteless graffiti!


Livni's call to proclaim the Price Taggers terrorists is amusing.  Since her anti-terrorism policy is basically to make concessions to terrorists and capitulate to them, then perhaps this is really her call for a full capitulation to the Price Taggers?  Politics in Israel are so confusing.


Another newspaper "report" yesterday here spread the rumor that the Price Taggers consist of 100 people who are led and inspired by the radical Rabbi Yitzhak Ginzburgh (see ).   He is a controversial character who makes statements that the Left and some not on the Left dislike.  I certainly hope he will file defamation suits against all the newspapers who claim that he commands the Price Taggers.  The proof that they are wrong?   Clearly Price Tag does not have 100 members.  In Israel no group of 100 people can possibly keep anything secret, and anything known to 100 people is leaked into the media within minutes.  If there were 100 Price Taggers, the cops would have busted them months ago.  My guess is that Price Tag has 3 teenage members, but to be cautious I suppose I could be convinced there are as many as 5 members.   That is what all the ruckus is about.


Almost every page at Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, screams out against the "hate crimes" of Price Tag.  Well, let me tell y'all a little story,   When I first came to Israel for an extended stay in the 1970s, all of Jerusalem and some other places were filled with leftist graffiti demanding that Giora Neuman be freed.   Neuman was a member of the ultra-anti-Israel Maoist organization "Matzpen."   He was arrested for refusing to serve in the military in 1972.   His Maoist friends turned every wall in Jerusalem into a pro-Neuman billboard.  It turned out soon after this that five members of this very same Matzpen organization were involved in anti-Israel espionage and had even undergone terrorist training in Syria.  They were led by a kibbutznik named Udi Adiv who is today a lecturer in Israel's "Open University."   Other Matzpen alumni today star in the Israeli media and have professor jobs.


That of course was not the only time that far leftists engaged in graffiti incitement.   And anti-Jewish graffiti by Arabs has long been so common that it almost never makes the evening news.  In recent days lots of anti-Jewish graffiti has sprung up, probably partly in response to Price Tag mischief, and swastikas on synagogues and Jewish shrines are common vandalism in Israel.  The shrine of a sage from Mishnaic times was desecrated with a swastika yesterday.  There have been a few cases where it was discovered that vandalism apparently by Price Tag was in fact provocations done by Arabs and leftists, although I do not buy the paranoid conspiracism of some on the Israeli Right that all the Price Tag vandalism is being done as Black Ops by the section of the General Security Services that persecutes right-wingers.    


The remarkable thing to note is that not a single one of the big mouths denouncing Price Tag vandalism as terrorism and hate crimes has ever denounced leftist or Arab graffiti and vandalism in the same words.  Haaretz has never called for making apprehension of the anti-Jewish graffiti vandals or swastika painters the highest national priority. 


Oh, and the selective assault against speech also continues.  Consider this news item from today's Jerusalem Post: "A 22-year-old woman – who was detained on Wednesday and then freed to house arrest – wrote: 'I am in favor of throwing stones, even if it would cause the death of a soldier.'"   She had posted that on Facebook.  That is right - she was arrested.  Now I happen to disagree vehemently with her words and would like to see fire hoses turned on people who throw stones at soldiers.  SO guess who has never been arrested?   The countless Arabs, including Arab politicians, who call for throwing rocks at soldiers and Jewish babies and doing far worse things than that.  Neither have the leftist professors calling for settlers to be murdered by terrorists.   Neither have the "anarchists" who regularly assault Israeli police and soldiers violently and not just with rocks.



2.  One of the more amusing stories at Haaretz concerns an African who had illegally entered Israel and then agreed to leave voluntarily in exchange for a fat payoff from Israel.  For months Israel has been repatriating illegal infiltrators back to Africa, mainly to Uganda, rewarding them with an exit cash grant when they leave, paid for with my tax shekels.   Now it turns out that a man from Sudan signed up for the program, was indeed sent to Ethiopia, possibly on his way to Uganda (there are no direct flights there from Israel), but when he got there - for reasons that are not entirely clear - he was deported from there to the Sudan.  


Such a heart-wrenching tragedy, sobs Haaretz ( ). 


So let us get this straight.  The criminal infiltrated Israel illegally, was sent back to Africa with cash in his pockets, and Ethiopia sends him to his home rather than putting him on a plane to Uganda or some other place.  And somehow all of this is a tragedy, one that all Israelis need to rend their frocks over in sobbing guilt.


As a side note, let us remind you all that no country in Africa allows unrestricted entry to people from Sudan or Eritrea seeking refuge or employment. 



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