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Haaretz finds some new McCarthyism




1.    98% of Israeli Jews are strongly behind the operations in Gaza and most of the dissidence in Israel comes from people who think that Netanyahu wimped out and did not go far enough to finish the job.   Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, managed to maintain its anti-Israel pro-Hamas line throughout recent weeks.  To remind you, Haaretz has a 6% market share among the quarter of Israelis who actually read newspapers and I suspect that 2/3 of Haaretz subscribers get it for the business supplement Marker, not for the daily doses of treason.


    In any case, the anti-democratic Left in Israel, lead by Haaretz, are all whining because the Israeli on the street has no patience to listen to their treason these days.  In fact, when the communists and their friends hold pro-Hamas rallies, "right-wingers" come out and harass them and call them names and counter-demonstrate, clearly acts of anti-democratic fascism! Mister and Mrs. Israeli do not believe that Israel bombed in Gaza to be mean and because Jews are racist and that the Gaza invasion was "disproportionate," unless you mean by that too mild.


   A good example of the desperation of the Israeli radical Left is in today's Haaretz editorial.  It concerns a decision to rein in the radical anti-Israel foreign-funded NGO B'Tselem, which pretends to be a human rights watchdog, although one that has never defended any human rights for Jews.  After getting smacked down in a recent Supreme Court ruling, the Israeli government just ruled that national service youths may not do their service as interns with B'Tselem.  National service is for religious women, some Arabs, and some others, as an alternative to (and sometimes supplement to) military service, and usually involves things like working in hospitals or with low-income families in Israel's periphery zones.  (One of my sons did so BEFORE his regular army service.)  The Left wants these people to be able to do political agitprop as national service in B'Tselem and similar outfits and indeed this was permitted until now.  But only for far-leftist anti-Israel groups.   No one could do national service, for example, with the Temple Mount lobby.  But the government just nixed this.  Haaretz is livid.  McCarthyism, it bellows:

Israel's witch hunt against leftist organizations is McCarthyism in action

B'Tselem does not act against the state or its army, on the contrary: It tries to maintain its moral image, therefore fulfilling an important mission.

| Aug. 15, 2014 | 2:04 AM

The witch hunt against leftist and civil-rights organizations in Israel is picking up speed just as Operation Protective Edge winds down. This week the director of the National Service Administration, Sar-Shalom Jerbi, informed the director of B'Tselem, Haggai Elad, that he was disqualifying B'Tselem as a receiving organization for civilian national service volunteers. Gili Cohen reported yesterday on the Haaretz website that in explaining his decision, Jerbi said the organization, whose full name is B'Tselem, the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, acts against the state and the Israel Defense Forces.

"I feel obligated to exercise my authority and discontinue state assistance to an organization that acts against the state and its soldiers, who sacrifice their lives with supreme heroism in order to ensure the welfare and security of all Israeli citizens," Jerbi wrote in his letter to B'Tselem……

Jerbi's decision is scandalous, and Pensioner Affairs Minister Uri Orbach (Habayit Hayehudi), who oversees the National Service Administration, would do well do reject it. B'Tselem is a badge of honor for the State of Israel, and the national service volunteers who work for it are contributing far more to Israel than the volunteers of Efrat, the anti-abortion association, for example, whose service Jerbi has not disqualified.


On B'Tselem court case:

Last year a Knesset bill to require that anti-Israel NGOs like B'Tselem disclose their sources of financing failed to pass because Netanyahu wimped out on it and on us.


2.  One of the more amusing developments is Nasrallah, the Islamofascist terrorist head of the Hezb'Allah, whining about the growing power of ISIS. Hezb'Allah is a Shi'ite Islamofascist terrorist group that is chummy with the Assads. ISIS is a Sunni Islamofascist terrorist group that enjoys beheading Shi'ites before breakfast.  Nasrallah wants the world to wake up to the ISIS threat.  I look forward to ISIS catching up with  Nasrallah and turning him into Purina.



3.  Dersh on pro-Hamas anti-Semites:



4.  The Israeli Mongrel Left has a new "cause." Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, claims a wedding was supposed to take place between an Arab man and a Jewish woman, but the couple received a lot of insulting mail and phone calls and in the end they supposedly had to hire guards for the wedding because "rightwingers" plan to hold a protest at it. Other Mongrel Left web sites also picked up the story, including 972mag, an anti-Israel picayune web site financed by foreign anti-Semites. I do not know if the Haaretz story has any connection to facts, real people and real events. Haaretz stories about Jewish intolerance rarely do. 

But there is one thing worth emphasizing.

While Haaretz soils its nappies in disgust at the supposed intolerance of Jews regarding the supposedly planned wedding, there is one little point Haaretz overlooks. Even Haaretz was unable to find a single case of a Jewish man marrying an Arab bride.  Want to know why not?  Cause any such prospective brides were murdered long ago in honor killings by their family.  SO just who exactly are the intolerant ones in this story?



5.  The fable of the sage of Gaza:



6.  A Plautian spoof not written by Plaut:



7.   So the Brits are threatening to cut off arms to Israel because some Gazan civilians were hurt when Israel shot back.  Now imagine that its allies had threatened Britain during the blitz to withhold arms shipments from the UK unless Britain could guarantee that no German civilians would be hurt when Britain bombed Germany in retaliation!



8.  Mariachi Nagila:

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