Friday, August 01, 2014

The leftist Israeli Attorney General Arrests a Terrorist




   The internet is filled with the ugliest and most craven anti-Semitic catcalls, including leftist web sites operating out of Israel.  The far-leftist anti-Israel, which is financed by overseas anti-Semites, has been filled with talkback chants like Hitler was Right and We need to Murder all the Jews.


   And the Israeli Attorney General's office is suddenly interested in prosecuting "incitement."   But it is ONLY interesting in prosecuting Jews who express opinions the Attorney General deems in poor taste or "racist" regarding Arabs.  The number of Israeli Arabs who have been arrested for expressing glee at the death of Israeli soldiers, the kidnapping of soldiers, or the kidnapping of the three yeshiva teenagers is exactly zero.   The number of tenured leftists who have been arrested for justifying and cheering Hamas rocket firings at Israel is the same number.


    A 22 year old bartender from Beer Sheba, Lior Cohen, was just arrested and interrogated because of comments on his Facebook page.  He wrote "An Arab who is a Real Man is an Arab in the Grave."  Clearly in poor taste.  But grounds for arrest?   Cohen was arrested and held in jail under Israel's law against racism and terrorism.   That is right, TERRORISM!  You know, unlike people like Haneen Zoabi and the Op-Ed columnists at Haaretz or the professors of political science at Ben Gurion University. 


   In the end, the judge decided to be merciful and released Cohen from prison, with the stipulation that he is prohibited from using his computer for 30 days.  None of the countless leftist professors who promote BDS terrorism against Israel, denounce Israel as a war criminal fascist country, and cheer Hamas have ever been ordered to stop using their computers for 30 days.


     Haaretz reports that the police are being flooded with hundreds of complaints against "rightwingers" - no doubt filed by leftists - demanding that they be arrested and interrogated for exercising their freedom of speech, which the left calls "incitement."   The police have opened 200 investigations.   They interrogated several suspects who evidently are not Meretz voters.


    The number of leftists who have been arrested for treason since the start of Operation Protective Edge is exactly zero.

    The Left meanwhile is flooding the internet with whines about the threat to freedom of speech in Israel!  (On the part of non-leftists who dare to exercise it!)



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