Monday, September 29, 2014

Tokyo Rose from Jihad Avenue




        For those who require empirical proof that God has a sense of humor, along comes the delicious story of Amira Hass and Ilan Pappe being prohibited from speaking at the West Bank Bir Zeit "university."


     Amira Hass is the Tokyo Rose of the Middle East conflict.  She is the most openly anti-Israel and pro-jihadi "journalist" at Haaretz, challenged for the title only by Gideon Levy.  She has been convicted of libel and lying in court ( ).  Here she announces that she can't stand Jews:    Ilan Pappe is the Lord Haw Haw of the conflict.  One-time lecturer at the University of Haifa where he was hired entirely on the basis of his anti-Israel diatribes, he is now in the  UK at the University of Exeter, where he churns out malicious Goebbels-like propaganda pieces about how Israel commits "ethnic cleansing."   Pappe is the inventor of the Tantora Massacre Hoax (see ).


    It turns out both clowns wanted to speak at an anti-Israel event being held on the "Palestinian" campus.  It was a conference about "alternatives to neo-liberal development."   For those of you unaware of it, "Neo-Liberal" is a nonsense word used by leftists and basically means non-communist.  That is why leftists always condemn neo-liberalism (see ).   The problem is that the campus has a rule that no Jew may step foot there.  So the two anti-Semitic Jews were denied entry because they are Jews.  Tokyo Rose was denied entry into Tokyo.  None of their followers issued any condemnation of the apartheid evident in the Bir Zeit policy of No Jews or Dogs Allowed.


    Tokyo Rose went so far as to DEFEND in Haaretz the decision by Bir Zeit to exclude her from campus because she is a Jew.  After all, she is part of the nation that is oppressing the poor "Palestinians" and denying them their rights.  I am sure she would also justify Kristallnacht in Germany with a similar argument.  For more, see this: .  Haaretz defended the Bir Zeit apartheid rule here:




2.  The "Palestinian" terrorist "President" Abu Mazen claims in the UN that Israel committed "genocide" in Gaza. This from the most notorious Holocaust Denier in the Middle East. Meaning the Jews and not Nazi Germany are guilty of genocide. So just why does anyone in the Israeli Left think there is anything at all that can be "discussed" with this animal?   Since the Pestilinians and their amen choruses have been insisting for months that firing 5000 missiles at Israeli civilians just does not count, and certainly does not constitute a war crime or terrorism, why should Israel not respond to the "genocide speech" by Pestilinian "president" Abu Mazen by firing 5000 tomorrow morning at Gazans?



3.      Obama upset because too many Israelis want to abandon appeasement (which he calls abandoning peace)   



4.   Breaking news:  The murderer in Oklahoma was just anti-dandruff!


"Police Say No Evidence Muslim Beheader Who Called for Beheadings in the Name of Islam is Linked to Terrorism"


The funniest thing about the 21st century is that all those radical Islamists really would like it if Westerners decided they wish to become Muslims, and the radicals seriously think that all the beheadings will make the Westerners want to convert!



5.  The Metropolitan Opera in NY has just announced it will be staging Titanic II, a sequel to the highly successful movie about the Titanic from the 1990s. In it, the Jack character played by Leonardo DiCaprio gets fished out of the sea and is set down in a wheelchair to recover. But just then a group of Palestinians take over the ship and toss "Jack" with his wheelchair into the waves.  In the background is a face of Yassir Arafat and the song being sung by Celine Dion, Everynight I Dream of You I Bomb You I Keeeeel You!

Get your tickets now!



6.   "Understanding" Islam:



7.   PPPSSSSTTTTT!  Let Obama know. Gazans are emitting greenhouse gases!!



8.  Remember how the US wanted Israel to pay "reparations" for having killed some Turkish terrorists on the "Gaza Flotilla" terror ships? Well:,7340,L-4575328,00.html



9.  He was just giving her a Heads Up!

10.  Remember the Barbra Streisand classic song, Second Hand Rose?   You can see it on Youtube here: .   You can read the original lyrics here:

Well I would like you to join me in the new take-off on Barbra's classic.  It is Called Tokyo Rose.  Same melody.,  Here are the new lyrics

It's no wonder that I feel abused
I never write a thing that ain't confused
I'm wearing now my chador

For my Tokyo Rose pose

Tokyo Rose pose

For it's the jihad I chose

My mind is so closed

Even my chador in the parlor
My Schocken Daddy bought for just a dollar
Treasonous snarlin'
I'm your Tokyo Rose darlin'
I never get a single think that's Jew
Even Ahmed bomber, he's a man I adore
He had the noyve to tell me he'd exploded before!

Everyone knows that I'm just
Tokyo Rose
From Jihad Avenue!
From Jihad Avenue!

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