Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What about the Miranda warnings for ISIS?

1.  You mean the US and its Arab "allies" are bombing the bejeebers out of ISIS? But what about Miranda warnings to those being bombed and their rights under due process and the rule of law? What about proportionality? How many bombs has the US dropped and why is it hundreds of times greater than the number of bombs planted in the US by the jihadis? What about women and children killed and injured by the US bombings? What about the human rights of ISIS fighters er militants er activists? What happened to the slogan that war solves nothing? That negotiations are the only way to make peace? That one can only make peace with one's enemies? And how come the very Arab countries that only yesterday considered Israel's bombing of Hamas terrorists to be genocide are suddenly reliable US "allies"? Countries whose human rights records are if anything worse than that of ISIS? Why is the US not denounced as a Nazi-like genocidal apartheid regime when it bombs ISIS terrorists? 

Or - better yet - sit tight - it yet will be so denounced.

2.  In Israel there is one anti-democratic institution that threatens the rule of law, and threatens the very democratic order of society. It is an arrogant unrepresentative institution of unelected people seeking to topple representative democracy and to usurp for itself the role of law making, denying it to the people and to their representatives. It is an institution seeking to create a form of tyranny, with itself seizing and usurping the reins of power. It seeks to eliminate checks and balances in government, by imposing its own rule upon the executive branch and the legislature.

That institution is the Israeli Supreme Court.

3.  You might think it is not exactly a great stride forward when someone says that it is not ONLY Israel that is to blame for the lack of peace, and that the "Palestinians" are "also" to blame. But in this case the person making that statement is the clueless Dean of the Israeli Literary Left A.B. Yehoshua. So if even A.B. is showing the first glimmerings of brain function activity, this hours before Rosh Hashana, perhaps there is really hope that this could be a new year of peace and sanity.

The Palestinians are also to blame -
If the Palestinians had truly wanted to be liberated from the metastasizing occupation and establish a Palestinian state before it is too late, they should have aspired to a swift separation.
By A.B. Yehoshua | Sep. 23, 2014 | 8:42 PM

4.   Tikkun Magazine Call for Mass March against Social Injustice:

In the Shulkhan Arukh, marijuana plants or cannabis are prohibited for use as Succah coverage. They cannot be held together with the lulav as a sort of Fifth Kind of Fifth Min. The Orthodox establishment has failed to endorse the psak of several Tikkun Rabbis holding that smoking hashish on the sabbath is not only permitted but is downright mandatory. The time has come for a Million Manperson Tikkun March. Bring your own LSD and weed, dude.

Pass it on!

Michael of Meaning, Rabbi Moonbeam, Michael Lerner the LSD-touting "liberation theology" pseudo-rabbi publisher of Tikkun magazine, has announced that he has just learned that communism does not work and that only capitalism can lift the masses of people out of starvation and poverty. Accordingly he will be changing the name of Tikkun Magazine to Tycoon Magazine.

5.  PPPSSSSTTTTT! Let Obama know. Gazans are emitting greenhouse gases!!

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