Friday, October 03, 2014

Renaming the "Two State Solution"

1.  The Labor Party in Israel plus the Livni Gang plus Meretz argue that, sure, the Gaza "withdrawal" produced war, terror, rockets and Hamastan, but that is because it was implemented without any signed "agreement" with the "Palestinians." If THEY were to be in charge, they would "withdraw" from the West Bank as part of a signed agreement and that of course would make all the difference.

So I have a question for them. What exactly is the difference between a terrorist who beheads you and a terrorist who signs a formal treaty and agreement swearing never to behead you but then beheads you? Please explain.

2.  This is quite a remarkable article about Jewish leftist anti-Semitism, and it is even more remarkable that it ran in Haaretz.  Worth reading:


Let's rename the so-called "Two State Solution" as "The Proposal to Convert the West Bank into a New Terrorist Rocket Launching Base in order to allow Peace Now and Meretz to feel Righteous about themselves."

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