Monday, November 10, 2014

Peace Now head demands that the "rights" of murderers and terrorists be upheld

1.  We should all send congratulations to all right-wing fringe violent hooligans who decided not to beat the crap out of Yariv Oppenheimer, the anti-Israel fanatic who heads the anti-democratic "Peace Now" and the twit who sent a twit congratulating the cops for not terminating the murdering terrorist with extreme prejudice. 

Peace Now Chief Praises Police for NOT Killing Terrorist

2.  Naftali Bennett's party adopting price controls and economic bolshevism as its banner:… 

3.  Another astounding success for the Get out of Jail Free policies of Netanyahu:   

4.  Tell you what. We keep Jerusalem and THEY can have the West Bank. THIS west bank, of course:…/bank-of-the-west_400.jpg

5.  About the Temple Mount:  

6.  Thought of the week:  The world needs a Palestinian state about as much as it needs a Fourth Reich.

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