Sunday, January 11, 2015

End Naziphobia!

End Naziphobia!


By Steven Plaut



    Buried for decades deep inside the basements of the Library of Congress, researchers have just uncovered the following remarkable document dated December 7, 1942.   It contains a call to the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Great Britain, issued by 789 journalists from around the world and endorsed by dozens of chapters of Professors for Immediate Peace.  Here is the text:



Dear Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister:


     We, the undersigned journalists and professors and other seekers of peace,  call upon you to use your powers and influence to put an end to the blight that is eating away at the moral fabric of the societies of the Allied nations and weakening their resolve to pursue peace.  We are referring to the form of bigotry and intolerance known as Naziphobia.  For too long Americans and British fellow citizens have sat by passively while certain media outfits have vilified and insulted Nazis, mocking their sacred symbols and beliefs, belittling their ideological leaders. 


    These manifestations of intolerance have fanned the flames of the current international conflict and have led to a prolonging of hostilities.  Thoughtless English-language newspapers have even taken to referring to the Germans as "Krauts" and the Japanese as "Japs" or "Nips."   Such language alienates the peoples in these countries and offends their sensitivities.  This unbecomes us as civilized Western Anglo-Saxons.


   We demand immediate action to end Naziphobia and to foster an atmosphere of reconciliation.  We demand that Spike Lee be immediately incarcerated for his offensive song mocking the German leadership and we demand that the Congress issue an official writ of apology to the German people for that.  We demand that American and British schools expose their children to the principles of Nazi ideology in order to end the demonization and allow them to understand the Other.  We demand an end to derogatory newspaper comments about "Aryans."   We also insist that anti-German discriminatory laws in the US and Great Britain be erased from the books and that quotas preventing migration of citizens of the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire to the territories of these countries be eliminated.


    Let us recall whence the Angles and Saxons came to the British Islands in the first place and hence ultimately to the New World.  Let us recall the great cultural legacy our ancestors received from these Teutons.   It is time to understand the Other, not to demonize him.  Let us prove our moral worthiness to our current adversaries by prohibiting publication of offensive Naziphobia propaganda and racist Reich-baiting.  Let us criminalize the public burning of Mein Kampf and portraits of the Fuhrer.  Let us punish those who defile the buildings of London and New York with offensive graffiti caricatures of Hitler and the Japanese Emperor.


   Peace may yet be restored if we purge ourselves of these manifestations of racism and bigotry!  Stop Naziphobia!


     Let us move forward to peace and reconciliation!


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