Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Je Suis Tatiana

1.  Where are the Je Suis Tatiana Protesters?

Israel imprisoned Tatiana Soskin for drawing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed as a pig.  She was convicted and actually served jail time.  For details, see 

Bibi Netanyahu was Prime Minister when this took place and his own Attorney General was responsible for this judicial atrocity!

So when are pig cartoons in Israel NOT illegal? When they are anti-Semitic! The prestigious Israel Prize for sculpture was awarded to ultra-leftist junkyard "sculptor" Yigal Tumarkin in 2004 after he fashioned a pig wearing phylacteries, and on November 4, 1988 told Tel Aviv Magazine that when seeing haredi Jews he can understand the Nazis.

More on the Tatiana Soskin Affair:

The judge in that judicial atrocity was later involved in other scandals.  The judge who issued this verdict against Soskin is the SAME judge who ordered a rape victim to show the audience where her crotch was while she was being raped. 

3.  Inviting Abbas to a Paris rally against terrorism is like inviting Bill Clinton to a Paris rally against adultery.

4.  The yellow frog syndrome: 

5.  Et tu, Bennett?

Alas, it is true. Naftalli Bennett has joined the ranks of Israeli demagogues calling for an increase in the minimum wage, a move designed to price low-skilled workers out of employment altogether, a measure guaranteed to raise unemployment significantly and prevent young people from gaining labor force experience. The fact that the other political hacks, including those in the Likud, have called for such idiocy is no excuse. Bennett should know better!

6.  The Rivka Carmi junta, which runs Ben Gurion "University," just convicted Professor Israel David of "harassment" for the now-infamous Zippergate Affair. Please read this backgrounder on Zippergate and pass this on to every potential donor to Ben Gurion "University":

7.  Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, is truly upset by the terrorist attacks in France .... because they are causing so many French Jews to make aliya to Israel and so make the elimination of Israel and its replacement by a Rwanda-style "bi-national Palestinian state" so much more difficult!
Israel's leftist media are terribly upset by the horrific event that took place in Paris. I am of course referring to the great cheering of Bibi Netanyahu when he spoke in the Paris synagogue, something that has shocked the Israeli media to their core. And while the international media covered the speech live, not a single Israeli TV channel did. State-run Channel One broadcast a soccer game.

8.  Writing in the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew, Tel Aviv University's Aeyal Gross, promoter of transvestites, insists that criticism of anti-Israel extremist groups that pretend to be concerned with "human rights" is terror and McCarthyism. Ignoring the fact that every jihadi and anti-Semitic group in the world pretends it is only worried about human rights.
"Today, the organizations that 'monitor' human rights organizations and academia and define criticism as anti-Israel, attempting to delegitimize it often through distortion, are amongst the greatest threats to the defense of human rights and democracy in general. The McCarthyism that characterizes these groups, and their attack on the Goldstone Committee, is meant to terrorize those who champion human rights and those who criticize their violation." 

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