Saturday, February 14, 2015




1.  The Israeli Labor Party and its Meretz mentors have a new election strategy:  Forget talking about security issues - they know all Israelis blame THEM for what happened in Gaza.  Forget economic and domestic policy - all Israelis know they just want higher taxes, more regulation, more spending, and more controls. 

Their new strategy is "It is Us or HHHIIIIIMMM."   In other words, try to capitalize on the public's dislike of Bibi.  Bibi is a monster, a horror, a threat, chime the Left's gongs in unison.  Just do not ask us what WE represent!

Except the public does not dislike Bibi.  He is at least 3 times as popular as weenie Herzog and almost everyone in Israel considers Tzipi Livni and Zehava Galon (from Meretz) to be uber-dingbats.   Bibi is disliked only by the people with whom Herzog, Livni, and Galon socialize.  And they represent a tiny minority.   The fact that they do not understand this reminds me of the professor at a leftist college who insisted that Reagan could not possibly have just won the election because HE (the prof) did not know a single person who voted for Reagan!



2.  You know how the tenured Left and their fellow travelers in the media are suddenly all wringing their hands over the "politicization" of the Israel Prizes? Because Netanyahu decided that there should be some non-leftists on the committees, which in recent years more often than not consist of leftists handing out prizes to other leftists? THAT status quo was NOT politicization, whines the Fascist Left. Politicization is when the political monopoly of the Far Left over the prizes is challenged! Democracy is threatened when the hegemony of the radical Left is challenged anywhere by the elected representatives of the majority!

Well, here is something worth noting. Not a single one of the whiners over the supposed "politicization" of the prizes by Netanyahu raised any objection to politicization when the University of Haifa decided that it was forbidden to grant an honorary PhD to Nobel Prize Laureate Yisrael Aumann because he holds incorrect political opinions.


The Left's hysteria about Netanyahu purging the Israel Prize committees:  



3.  Want to know why all the election polls in Israel keep getting it so wrong? The polls are conducted among samples of those with land lines. Many many young Israelis have only a cell line and are not included in the samples. Young Israelis fought in Gaza and are far less likely to be leftists than the older chattering classes.
Stay tuned for the actual results.



4.  Q: How did they really find out that Brian Williams was lying his ass off?

A: It was when he claimed he was there when the Palestinian nation was first born.



5.  One of the ironies in the merger of the United Arab party, a mix of Stalinists and jihadists, is that it will attract some of the Jewish leftist voters for Meretz and may lead to Meretz following below the vote cutoff to get into the Knesset at all.



6.  Psychologists have developed a bizarre form of "conversion therapy," which is the controversial form of therapy designed to alter one's sexual orientation.  The new form of the therapy is designed for male heterosexuals who seek to alter their sexual orientation.  All they have to do is stare at this photo:!/image/1602958745.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_640/1602958745.jpg



7.  The appeal by the parents of Rachel Corrie to the Israeli Supreme Court was just tossed out.   See    Then see this earlier piece about the ISM Pancake from Washington State:



8.  Academic freedom at the publicly funded "Sapir College":

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