Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tenured Communism, Pro-Jihadi Fascism, and Anti-Semitism in Israel


1.  Tenured Communism, Pro-Jihadi Fascism, and Anti-Semitism in Israel


In Haaretz today there is a large ad with a list of Israeli academics who support the "United Arab List," that merger of the Israeli Stalinist Party with various jihadist anti-Semitic parties. Among the names in the ad of the tenured anti-Zionists supporting this party are Adi Ophir, Anat Matar, Rachel Giora, Moshe Zuckerman, Yehouda Shenhav and Yigal Brunner from Tel Aviv University, Communist Party activist Oded Goldreich from Weizmann Institute, Avner Giladi, Avraham Oz, Yuval Yonay, Vered Krauss and Arik Shapira from Haifa University, Nurit Peled Elhanan and EMmanuel Farjoun from the Hebrew University, Nitza Berkowitz, Haim Jacoby, Ido Landau, Haggai Ram, and Israel's pseudo-academic Lord Haw-Haw Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion "University." And a few dozen others.

This is what Israeli taxpayers are financing.


2.  When the elections in Israel were first called, I was convinced Likud would trash them all by making last summer's war against Hamas the central election issue. All Bibi had to do was stand in front of the cameras and ask - who turned Gaza over to the barbarians? Whose idea was it that "liberation" of Gaza from Israeli "occupation" would produce tranquility? Who assured us that the Palestinians would be too busy with fixing potholes and running hospitals to engage in war? Who evicted all the Jews of Gaza? Who claimed that peace could be bought with land? Who claimed that ending occupation would produce peace? And who wants to clone Gaza in the West Bank?

Instead, this has been an election of no issues at all. Each party says vote for US because we are not THEM. The Gaza war is never mentioned. All the parties gripe about the cost of housing but none have any ideas what to do about it. They have no ideas about anything else either. And that is why the Likud is running so poorly.


3.  So let us get this straight. This Israeli Arab runs to join ISIS hoping to behead some infidels and he gets accused by them as being an "Israeli spy" and they murder him. And we are supposed to feel sorry for him and his family? 

Get out a Darwin Award!


4.  From this week's Wall St Journal:

Ferguson, Mo., in 2015 is not Selma, Ala., in 1965. Black people in America today are much more likely to experience racial preferences than racial slights. The violent crime that is driving the black incarceration rate spiked after the civil-rights victories of the 1960s, not before. And if voter-ID laws threaten the black franchise, no one seems to have told the black electorate. According to the Census Bureau, the black voter-turnout rate in 2012 exceeded the white turnout rate, even in states with the strictest voter-ID requirements.

The socioeconomic problems that blacks face today have nothing to do with civil-rights barriers and nearly everything to do with a black subculture that rejects certain attitudes and behaviors that are conducive to upward mobility. Yet Mr. Obama has a political interest—and the civil-rights industry has a vested interest—in pretending that the opposite is true.

---Drawing the Wrong Lessons From Selma About America Today
Ferguson, Mo., in 2015 is not Alabama in 1965. But liberals have reasons to pretend otherwise.


5.  The polls in Israel are all over the place these days, and are projecting election results ranging from a 5 seat advantage of Labor over Likud to a 5 seat victory of Likud over Labor. In addition, one prestigious polling agency reports that 80% of people asked for whom they intend to vote refuse to answer, suggesting that all the poll results are of very limited reliability.

There is however one poll result, reported in Haaretz, that I found interesting. Israelis were asked to define themselves politically. 8% of Israeli Jews responded that they see themselves as "Left," and these included 18% of those saying they will vote Labor and 76% of those who say they will vote Meretz. Another 15% said they see themselves as centrist but leaning somewhat to the Left. 35% said they see themselves as "Right," and 24% see themselves as centrist leaning to the Right.


For many years the Israeli Labor Party claimed that it and it alone would be able to reach a "deal" with the "Palestinians." It argued that face-to-face talks with the "Palestinians" conducted by the Labor Party would make such a deal possible because the dynamic and forceful personalities of the leaders of the Labor Party and their powers of persuasion would impress the Palestinians. The Left's "talks fetish" has always been based on the supposed charisma and powers of personality of the leaders of the Left.

SO just how is the Labor Party NOW proposing to strike a deal with the "Palestinians" when it is headed by a man who does not have any personality or charisma? Bozo Herzog has the personality of a tea kettle and the charisma of a tea bag. HE is supposed to be the key that can persuade the "Palestinians"?


6.  Orwell said that the first duty of all honorable men is to restate the obvious truth


7.  "The Marker," Israel's best business daily (published by Haaretz - of all people) runs a survey today of the party platforms regarding health care in Israel. Every single party in Israel says it is OPPOSED to the supplemental semi-private SHARAF medical treatments offered by most hospitals in Israel, covered by health insurance supplemental policies offered by the Health Funds and private insurance, treatments that shorten queues and actually improve the quality and availability of medical treatments in the "public-social" health system. Among those opposing SHARAF treatments are the supposedly pro-market Likud, the supposedly pro-middle-class Yesh Atid party of Lapid, and the supposedly pro-market party of Bennett. The communist party in Israel also opposes SHARAF.

The irony of course is that the vast majority of Israelis favor and use the SHARAF and the "social" medical system would collapse without it.


8.  Food stamps



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