Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Heads Up!


1.  The Meretz web site in Israel was hijacked by Palestinian anti-Israel hackers. But I am confused. How did anyone know the difference?



2.   Arnon "Noni" Mozes is the anti-democratic leftist publisher of Israel's Yediot Ahronot, which also runs the YNET web service. Before the election he led the "Dump Bibi" campaign and his newspaper was as pluralistic as Pravda was under Brezhnev, where the Yediot crusade to topple Netanyahu dominated almost every page. Mozes was also an Olmert loyalist for as long as the corrupt Olmert was carrying out the Left's agenda. Mozes also was behind the anti-democratic attempt to pass a law shutting down his competitor newspaper, Israel Hayom. 
Well, today reports that Mozes just lost a huge bundle - at least tens of millions of dollars - speculating in foreign currency markets, using his own and his newspaper's capital. He is reported now to have solicited loans to cover his losses. Mozes already suffered large losses when he overpaid for controlling shares of the stock in his Yediot newspaper corporation.
Not every leftist FX speculator is a George Soros!!



3.  SO this week I was sitting on this park bench in Haifa with three other codgers and one of us kicks this thing out from under the bench, which turns out to be this ancient lamp. Out from the lamp comes this genie in a puff of smoke and offers each of us a single wish. The first guy at the end of the bench says: "I wish for there to be an escalating war on many fronts between the Sunni world and the Shi'ite world." You got it, says the genie with a swish of his wand. The second geezer says," I wish for ISIS to enter Palestinian camps in Syria controlled by the Hamas and to behead the Hamas commanders and officials there." Your wish is my command, says the genie with a smile. The third codger says, "I wish for the US and Allied forces, together with Jordan and Egypt and other Arab armed forces, to bomb the bejeebers out of ISIS camps in Iraq and Syria." Piece of cake, says the genie. He then turns to me. So what is YOUR wish, he asks. "Let me get this straight," sayeth I. "The Sunni world is going to war against the Shiite world on many fronts? ISIS is beheading Hamas officials? The US and others are bombing ISIS camps in Iraq and Syria?" That has all been granted, says the genie. "In that case," say I, "I think I'll have a diet cola."



4.  In the famous Broadway musical Carousel there is a wonderful song called "You'll never walk alone," which starts out " When you walk through a storm hold your head up high."
The original lyrics are here:… You can see Barbra Streisand performing it here:

We thought we would introduce you to the new lyrics designed for the ISIS-occupied Yarmouk "refugee camp" of "Palestinians" inside "Syria," in which ISIS is reportedly beheading Hamas commanders and other terrorists. I am hoping Baba Streisand will record this version soon:


When you walk through the camp chop your head off high
For ISIS will soon hoist it aloft
Once it's removed never again sigh
For Zionist treatment so soft


Heads off through the wind
Heads off through the rain
Though your nogen be tossed and rolled
Roll on, roll on!


When you walk through Yarmouk lifted head up high
For ISIS will soon hoist it aloft
Once it's removed never again sigh
For Zionist treatment so soft


Roll on through the wind
Roll on through the rain
Though your brains be tossed and blown
Roll on, Roll on with ISIS folks
And you'll never roll alone

You'll never roll alone
You'll never roll alone



5.  PPPSSSSSTTT! Send to all your Peace Now friends! Just in time for Passover!



6.  My Passover with the KGB:

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