Thursday, April 09, 2015

Let Yarmouk "refugees" have the "right of return" to Haaretz Offices

1.   Sometimes the Left in Israel does things you just could not make up.  Take today's Haaretz lead editorial.  Since ISIS is beheading Palestinians in the Yarmouk "refugee camp" in Syria, Haaretz wants Israel to run and rescue the po' Palestinian terrorists there under assault.   See

  Got that?  For more than a century, the only contribution to the world of "Palestinian" Arabs has been Islamofascist terrorism.  The Jews have been the victims of this terrorism for a century.  Now suddenly the same terrorists are getting their comeuppance in Syria from ...  drumroll ... other Islamofascist terrorists, those from ISIS.  Haaretz wants us to reward the fascist terrorists from the Palestinians by rescuing them from the fascist terrorists of ISIS.  Haaretz did not volunteer to allow any Yarmouk refugees to live in the Haaretz editorial offices in Tel Aviv!

      I say we ship the entire Haaretz editorial staff and chorale of writers to Yarmouk to go fight to protect the Palestinian genocidal Islamofascist terrorists from the ISIS Islamofascist genocidal terrorists!



2.  May there be many like him:,7340,L-4645520,00.html

Israeli-Arab dies in gun battle in Iraq after joining Islamic State

A resident of northern Israel was reported killed by his family on Wednesday as a result of a gun battle in Iraq; the incident occurred two years after the man fled Israel to join the ranks of terror group.




3.  From Isracampus:

On February 26, 2014, Peace Now founder Amiram Goldblum (Hebrew University - Pharmaceutical Studies) published a talkback on a page in the Haaretz web site in which he denounces Bar Ilan University in these words (translation from Hebrew):

"I wrote, and I stand behind this, that Bar Ilan University has become renowned for among other things a number of people who have emerged from it (and not only the murderer of Rabin!)"

Goldblum would like to remind us all that Yigal Amir "emerged" from Bar Ilan University. We here at Isracampus would like to remind Amiram Goldblum that the terrorist 'Adel Hidmi emerged from the Department of Pharmaceutical Studies at the Hebrew University in which Goldblum himself is employed!

Hebrew University - Radical Leftist Amiram Goldblum (Dept of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Supporting the Boycott of Settlers

Goldblum, posting on his Facebook page, seems to want to force the settlers to remain in settlements.
Amiram Goldblum added 4 new photos.
March 26 at 7:31am
TO FRIENDS IN DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD. Please convince your governments, to block the free move to your country of any Israeli settler who lives over the green line of 1967. The settlers are the reason for blocking the movements of Palestinians, and in some cases they block Palestinians with their own hands (see below, in Yabed). Those Israelis vote in Israeli elections, supporting the limiting of Palestinian free move, while the 2.8 million Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem have no voting rights and are prey to the settlers "democratic" decisions. Why should those settlers have the right to move freely around the world ?? From now on, each Israeli who wishes to travel to democratic countries of the world must declare his/her address. If it is over the green line - they must get a visa, wait in lines, pay a fee, and be made to feel just a bit of what their neighbor Palestinians feel every day of their lives. It must be clear to settlers, that as long as they impose suffering on others, they might suffer themselves. In the attached map that ranks democracies around the globe, Israel's color is white. Find out what that means.   


5.  WHAT academic freedom?  

6.  British Jews are a lot healthier than the AMerican Jewish asslib Establishment! 

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