Friday, September 25, 2015

"Shtinkers" and other Rats

The Left demands an anti-Settler Litmus Test for Diplomatic Appointments

By Steven Plaut



The latest tactic of Israel's anti-democratic Fascist Left is a campaign to recruit foreign governments to refuse to accept Israeli diplomats posted to serve there if the diplomat holds opinions contrary to those of the Radical Left.  The Radical Left represents at most 4% of Israelis.


The current brouhaha involves Dani Dayan, who used to be head of the Yesha (West Bank) regional council and is a "settler" who lives on the "wrong" side of the pre-1967 Green Line border.   The Brazil government muttered a bit at the idea of such a "settler" being appointed as Israeli Ambassador to the country.   But the personal opinions of diplomats are generally not an issue in approving such appointments. 


Things escalated when several Israeli far-leftist ex-members of the diplomatic corps, led by Alon Liel (who these days teaches at Tel Aviv University), interfered and issued their own call to Brazil to refuse to approve the appointment ( ).  Liel is an anti-Zionist who is a leading figure in the BDS terrorism movement that calls for a world boycott of Israel.  A petition of ultra-leftists is circulating in Israel ( ) to support the campaign for Brazil to BDS away Dayan.  Liel's sidekick Amiram Goldblum, a founder of Peace Now, who together with Liel fabricated the now-infamous "apartheid" pseudo-survey, appeared on a Channel One TV newscast ( defend those calling on Brazil to reject Dayan.  The Channel One MC then referred to such people as "shtinkers," Hebrew slang for informers or rats.  Goldblum and Liel had earlier initiated petitions to EU governments to unilaterally recognize "Palestine."


   The Channel One MC blasted Goldblum and his friends, claiming they were evidently incapable of persuading the Israeli public of the correctness of their positions and so were using illegitimate tactics to coerce Israel into accepting the Left's agenda, using foreign pressures and extortion.  Some in Israel are denouncing the leftists involved in the campaign to get Brazil to reject Dayan as traitors (see ).  These leftists are the same people who foam at the mouth whenever anyone suggests that Supreme Court appointees be people who oppose judicial activism and who therefore support the rule of law.


    More generally, the Far Left in Israel has never had any respect for the rule of law and democracy.  Since it cannot convince more than 4% of Israelis of the correctness of its agenda, it resorts to underhanded anti-democratic tactics involving recruitment of pressures from foreign entities to coerce Israel.   The Left opposes Israeli sovereignty and supports efforts to undermine that sovereignty.   Imagine if someone were to suggest a campaign against all civil servant and judicial appointments of anyone who is NOT in favor of expanding settlements!   Why is the fascist campaign by the Far Left to have an anti-settler litmus test for diplomatic appointees any less objectionable?

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