Sunday, November 22, 2015

The REAL Inspiration of the Paris Terrorists

The REAL Inspiration of the Paris Terrorists


By Steven Plaut




  The Swedish Foreign Minister and her appeasocrat government think the siege of Paris by terrorists last week was because of Israel.


   Well, being a helpful sort, I decided to investigate and uncover who REALLY inspired the Paris barbarians.  I am sure the answer will interest the Swedes.


   The barbarian terrorists planned out their siege of Paris and their campaign of murder, torture, and plunder for years.  They despised the Christian faith held by the bulk of the residents of Paris and showed their disdain for it.  They made a point of capturing Christian hostages.  They targeted St. Denis and massive damage there resulted from the attacks.  The entire city was traumatized and it took many years to recover.


    The terrorists placing all of Paris under siege were Scandinavian Vikings.  The period was 884-886.  The siege of Paris is the subject of an eyewitness account in the Latin poem Bella Parisiacae urbis of Abbo Cernuus


     The REAL inspiration for the ISIS savages who terrorized Paris last week is not 'Palestinians' and their 'plight,' but rather the Swedes!!!


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