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Rivka Carmi's First Amendment


1.  Rivka Carmi's First Amendment




Rivka Carmi is the clueless leftist anti-democratic president of Ben Gurion "University" in Israel.  She may be best known for her decision to fire a faculty member who expressed doubt in a medical ethics class debate over whether it was good for children to be raised by gay couples.  She has also long been the defender of the Department of Politics at her institution, which is the worst anti-Israel propaganda center in Israel, a leftist monolith in which no Zionist may teach, the department of Neve Gordon.  The latter is the Israeli Norman Finkelstein, a pseudo-academic who has built a career out of churning out anti-Israel hate propaganda.  Finkelstein is unemployed, having been fired by DePaul University for having no academic accomplishments.  Gordon was promoted by BGU.  The Politics Department is such a disgrace that an international panel recommended shutting it down altogether.  Gordon had served as a human shield for terrorists and illegally entered Arafat's headquarters to interfere with IDF anti-terror operations.  He leads the calls for a world boycott of Israel and favors Israel's destruction and replacement by an Arab-dominated Palestine.


The nature of academic freedom at Ben Gurion "University" was on display this week.   Maariv, Channel Ten news, and others reported that a course at the institution was being turned into a North Korean re-education process when control of it was handed over to the radical anti-Israel foreign-funded NGO, Breaking the Silence.  This is a group whose "reports" of Israeli soldiers misbehaving towards "Palestinians" have been repeatedly proven to be fabrications.


The course in question was one of the one-sided propaganda shows masquerading as education courses run by Neve Gordon. Student attendance at the BtS indoctrination was mandatory.  All week long Carmi and her junta have been struggling to justify the turning over of the classroom to the Breaking the Silence extremists.  Just academic freedom, they bleat.


Except for one little problem.


A few weeks ago the chiefs of Carmi's BGU ordered the cancellation of a public talk on BGU by the head of the LEHAVA organization.  See .   LEHAVA is a controversial group that seeks to prevent Jewish women from dating and marrying Arab men, and the media accuse it (unconvincingly) of having ties to the "Price Tag" people.  The LEHAVA talk would not have been before a course of students, and no student would have been required to attend.


The Carmistan First Amendment struck and BGU brass prohibited the talk.  Seems academic freedom at BGU is restricted to the anti-Israel radical Left.  Carmi insists BGU students are perfectly capable of critical discernment and making up their minds when they are forced into indoctrination sessions run by the likes of Komrad Gordon.  But they must be protected from speakers from LEHAVA and from professors who hold politically incorrect views about homosexuals.







3.   If the terrorists crashed into a group of MERETZ voters:



4.   "If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons." - Winston Churchill

Ditto if Putin bombs ISIS



5.  An anti-Israel agenda disguised as human rights,7340,L-4733551,00.html  


6.  Liberalism's imaginary enemies:


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