Monday, February 15, 2016

Groupie of Murderer Pedophile Ezra Nawi awarded Israel Prize by Likud government:



1.  Groupie of Murderer Pedophile Ezra Nawi awarded Israel Prize by Likud government:


The long tradition of Likud governments granting the Israel Prize and similar national honors to ultra-leftist haters of Israel continues. It was just announced that the groupie of pedophile murderer Ezra Nawi at the Hebrew University, Jew-4-Jihad David Shulman, is to be awarded the Israel Prize, and Naftali Bennett, as Minister of Education, thinks this is a great idea. Why him? I guess Norman Finkelstein or Ilan Pappe were not available.

Who is Shulman? See this:…/Editorial%20-%20Joel%20Amitai%20…

He says Israel conducts pogroms:…/HebrewU%20-%20David%20Shulman%20…

He is a leading supporter of murderer and convicted pedophile Ezra Nawi:…/HebrewU%20-%20Shulman%20and%20Va…

see also…/Israeli%20extremism%20-%20Martin……






3.  Shlomo Sand is a Stalinist pseudo-academic from Tel Aviv University who is the worst anti-Semite in Israeli academia, and that is saying a lot. His 'expertise' is on the French cinema. See his newest exercise in foreskin envy in the Palestinian newspaper published in Hebrew :



4.  Austrians have been reading Haaretz:



5.   Peace Now fascist says Judaism caused the Holocaust:



6.  The entire Israeli Left is rallying behind the three Arab members of the fascist BALAD party who paid a visit to the families of Arabs killed while stabbing Jewish mothers and children, to show their endorsement of stabbing attacks against Jews. Almost every editorial and Op-Ed in Haaretz cheers on the Balad Three. They are the ONLY democratic politicians in Israel, chirps a Haaretz columnist. Their visit to support the stabbers of Jews is a great act of humanity, Haaretz declares in page after page.

The Balad Three are proving their humanity and devotion to Palestinian freedom, cries the Left. After lobbying for years to promote the agenda of the terrorists who murdered her own daughter, Nurit Peled Elhanan of the Hebrew University now endorses the three.

33 years ago this week a petty criminal named Yona Avrushmi tossed a grenade into a 'Peace Now' demonstration and killed one demonstrator, Emil Grunzweig, who became the Left's martyr saint. A few others near him were injured.

Now it occurs to me, if the rest of Israel would adopt the Left's ideals and mode of behavior, we would all make mass pilgrimage to the home of Yona Avrushmi, bring him gifts, sing songs of praise for him, nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize, devote dozens of Op-Eds to cheering his heroic resistance and devotion to peace, …


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