Sunday, March 06, 2016

Bike Seat Bonkers

For those who think politics just could not get any more infantile than the US debate over Trump's petzele, just consider the choking hysteria of the media Left in Israel over a satirical Purim-season joke about one of the dumber Labor Party Knesset Members in Israel.
A right-leaning religious commentator on TV (one of the very few) wearing a red wig joked about Stav Shafir riding her bike without the seat, I guess meaning the seat pole stuck upwards into her own petzele. The leftist media in Israel are aghast. I suggest that they all count to 10 if they know how to and take some Preparation H, just in time for Adar Bet.


The leftist media moonbats in Israel and their radical feminizt bosom buddies had a fit when a religious news commentator suggested in a Purim gag that a Labor Party Knesset Member ride her bike without the bike seat.

Want to know what did NOT upset the leftist media moonbats?

It was at the conference on "culture" run by Haaretz this week, in which a flaky leftist "actor" named Ariel Bronz shoved an Israeli flag up his rear end. Bronz has a long track record of proclaiming his disgust and hatred for everything Israeli - see (open only on an empty stomach) - so naturally Haaretz wanted him to star at their cultural congress.

Can it be far off when he will get tenure at Ben Gurion 'University'?



2.  Haaretz, the Palestinian newspaper printed in Hebrew, has a new bogeyman - the "Judaizing" of Jerusalem. 
This from the dervishes of paganism and Stalinism.
The journalist who wrote this piece, Uri Blau, was convicted of espionage in the Anat Kamm affair.



3.  Indict the postman for biting the dog! Rare? When have leftists and Arabs ever been indicted for "incitement" in Israel?

Israel's politicized judicial system on display - finally finds some "incitement" worth prosecuting:


  Rare Indictment Against Jewish Israeli for Anti-Arab Incitement

A Jewish Israeli is charged with incitement to racism and violence against Arabs on Facebook.



4.  Hamas' Gay Terror Leader:  and




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