Tuesday, April 12, 2016


SHUKAGATE - Israel's Tyrannical and Imperious Judiciary Strikes Down Free Speech... Again

Israel is buzzing about the Shukagate Atrocity of the Tel Aviv District Court. It involved a funny commercial featuring a fictional insurance agent named Shuka who was an incompetent moron. The ad was produced by the "Direct" Insurance Company, which works without agents, to say that they provide better service than the other companies who use agents.

The insurance agents guild sued for "defamation" and the moronic judges not only granted their motion to cease and remove the ads, but also gave them 351,000 shekels in reparations!

And what about that little thing called freedom of speech? Why did not the judges boot the plaintiffs out of court and tell them to grow up?

And what will the judges do when lawyers sue people telling lawyer jokes, or economists sue people who laugh at them?


2. sign up now: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2016/04/academic-absurdity-of-the-week-vegansexuality-studies.php

3. Bernia denounces "Islamophobia". FIGHT BERNIPHILIA!!!!!!!

4.  If the "LGB" folks want us to take them seriously and want to be considered legitimate, they need to drop and repudiate the "T".

5.  The Israeli chattering Left is all postal this week because the police arrested a 12 year old Palestinian girl who was merely minding her own business while carrying a knife for the purpose of attacking Jews.
"Fascism in Israel," scream the tenured leftist fascists in unison.
Interesting how not a single one of this week's chatterers saw the incidents described below as fascism, nor did they protest those incidents.

Teenage girls stay in jail as Israel cracks down on settler protests

6.  Bernie is to meet the Pope?
Well, at least one of them will be wearing a kippah.

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