Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ben Gurion "University" loses large donation because sponsoring one-sided anti-Israel "conference"


1.  Ben Gurion "University" holds one-sided "conference" to support treasonous espionage group "Breaking the Silence," in which only anti-Israel ultra-leftists allowed to speak.


Major donor to BGU cancels donation:


A prominent British donor is withholding a $1 million donation from Ben Gurion University of the Negev to protest the school's sponsorship of a conference that includes members of Breaking the Silence, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

British businessman Michael Gross, a longstanding member of the Beersheba university's board of governors, explained his decision to withhold the donation in a letter to the Post.

"Next Monday, Ben-Gurion University will officially sponsor a conference by leading figures and supporters of Breaking the Silence. This is effectively financed by the Israeli government and ignorant foreign donors, but absolutely nothing is done about it," he wrote.

The conference, titled, "Whistle-blowing throughout the ages. And today...," was organized by the department of Jewish history in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The conference title in Hebrew, "Shovrei Shtika," can be translated as "Whistle- blowing," or as "Breaking the Silence," the name of the NGO that publishes anonymous testimony from soldiers on alleged IDF abuses.

Speakers at the conference will include Yuli Novak, CEO of Breaking the Silence, and Nadav Weiman, the organization's public-relations coordinator, who will speak on the closing panel and offer a "personal testimony."

Gross wrote in his letter that, "as one of the longest- standing governors of the university, I intend to withhold a gift of $1 million which otherwise I would have pledged at the forthcoming Board of Governors meeting. It is about time the activities of these self-hating Jews, traitors to the country, are curtailed and not allowed to continue under the bogus claim of academic freedom.

"If the Israeli government hasn't got the guts to do anything, at least Israeli and foreign donors should set an example," he said.

In a conversation with the Post on Thursday, Gross confirmed that he intended to withhold the donation, which would have gone toward scholarships.

Gross added that his was not the only donation withdrawn from the university because of what he characterized as anti-Zionist activity, and that at least one other donor had taken back an $8m. gift in the past.

"The Israeli government talks about BDS, but there is no use talking about BDS abroad when it is going on in your own country," he said.



2.  As you know, a group of pro-jihad radical anti-Semitic homosexuals is battling for the destruction of Israel and has invented the nonsense term "pinkwashing." The term supposedly refers to the use by pro-Israel people of Israel's tolerant treatment of homosexuals as a PR device to show Israel in a positive light, whereas the gay anti-Semites giggling about "pinkwashing" claim it is all simply a tactic to prettify and hide the ultimate evil of Israel.

The question is what is the appropriate response to the anti-Semitic gays participating in the "pinkwash" jihad against Israel.

One wag suggested treating them the way ISIS will treat them when their "pinkwash" jihad gets its way - and simply toss them off roofs. What do you think? 



3.  Haaretz has a new scoop. It seems that Sheldon Adelson, the conservative casino moghul, friend of Bibi, and owner of the rightish Israel Hayom freebie paper in Israel, purchased a small newspaper in Las Vegas. He immediately replaced some of its staff and implemented a managerial regime where the paper would reflect his opinions.
Haaretz is outraged! What about pluralism, diversity, journalistic freedom, it screams. 
That is right, the screams about a lack of pluralism and diversity in Adelson's new newspaper are coming from the most totalitarian anti-pluralistic monolithic newspaper in the Western world - Haaretz, where no non-leftist thought is tolerated, where by comparison Pravda under Brezhnev was pluralistic.



4.  The Palestinian savages announced that they are opening a Palestinian "museum." I was going to make a spoof of it in which the museum displays Holocaust denial exhibits and medieval exhibits about Jews making matzos out of gentile children, while of course all the while wailing about Palestinian "victimhood." But then I realized that is precisely what it will really be so the spoof would not work.

This is not the first time a "museum" was created as a weapon of racist aggression and hatred, to facilitate a totalitarian regime of mass murder.

Previously was the Fuhrermuseum in Germany.



5.  The Palestine Hoax

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