Sunday, May 29, 2016

Israeli Left Warming up to Idea of a Military Coup

Israeli Left Warming up to Idea of a Military Coup

By Steven Plaut



Israel's anti-democratic radical Left has a new brilliant brainstorm idea.  Having despaired of ever convincing more than a trivial portion of the Israeli public of the correctness of its "ideas," it now would like to impose its ideas on the country by means of a military coup.




It is now their favorite way of repairing the intolerable situation under which Israelis keep electing the wrong people, the non-Left, by huge majorities.  Democracy should only be accepted when it results in leftist hegemony.


The idea of peace-by-coup is being promoted by Haaretz, that SWAT TEAM FIELD ARTILLEY of the radical anti-Israel Left, which tells the country's leftists each morning what they think about everything.   Haaretz and its flocks of sheep have been trying to recruit pressures from overseas against the Israeli government to coerce it into acquiescing and accepting the political agenda of the Far Left that is otherwise rejected by 98% of Israeli Jews.   It wants Israel to be coerced via BDS terrorism and by recruiting the EU members to recognize "Palestine" in Israeli territory in defiance of Israeli sovereignty, in both cases showing its disdain for democracy and for Israeli independence.  But instead of welcoming the foreign extortion, the vast majority of Israelis see BDS as anti-Semitic terrorism and see the soliciting of EU countries to engage in anti-Israel actions as treason.


So Zvi Harel, one of the regular Haaretz pinkologists (pink journalists) leads the flock of sheep to go one step further, calling for a military coup to fix the problem.  On May 11, he dropped all pretenses about believing in democracy:  


Barel writes:


'When the government adopts and cultivates values that the army leadership sees as a threat to the country's existence, and when the public, which provides the army with its manpower, demands that the IDF become corrupt and bestialize itself, the military's top brass will face a dilemma. It will have to decide what constitutes the ultimate threat to the security and existence of the country: Is it thousands of missiles and Palestinian knife attackers or is it a government that is shaping the public into a monster threatening to devour Israeli democracy's fundamental values….But it will not be the army that causes the revolution, if it occurs. The political leadership that is currently pushing the army into a position in which it has to defend itself and its values is what could bring about the first Jewish military coup – one which may have already begun.'



The fondness of the Left for a military coup as a way to impose its agenda upon the country will seem bizarre only to those who do not realize how much of the senior IDF brass in Israel is leftist.  The Israeli military shares guilt for the "Oslo" debacle, failing to warn it would lead to disaster.  For decades the Israeli intelligence services were dominated by leftists, no doubt explaining many of their fiascos.  The presence of far leftists in the IDF leadership was illustrated dramatically recently when an ignorant leftist general compared Israel to Nazi Germany, to the chortles of delight of the anti-Israel Left.  This is the same Left that declares everyone who disagrees with the Left is a fascist.


So you can see why the Left might find the idea of  a military coup to its liking.




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