Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Since when is Criticism Prohibited in Israel? Chill out! Join the Left!!

Since when is Criticism Prohibited in Israel?  Chill out!  Join the Left!!




We are the progressive Israeli forces for peace.  We read Haaretz.  We protest against intolerance towards the Other.  We oppose occupation.  We want a Palestinian state.  We want equality.  We want people to be nice.


We are outraged that the politicians and media have attacked the general who compared Israel to Nazi Germany.  Whatever happened to freedom of speech?


Why can't people criticize Israel, denounce its leaders, question its agenda, challenge its motives?   What do you think, that Israel is beyond criticism, exempt from denunciation?  Chill out!


While we defend the rights of all to criticize Israel, there are some other things that are clearly beyond the pale of legitimate public discourse.


Take, for example, the attacks by some against the radical Left in Israel.  There are people who are criticizing the Israeli Left, denouncing its leaders, questioning its agenda, challenging its motives.  Calling us anti-Israel and anti-Zionist.  And THAT is anti-democratic!  


The incitement against the Left must stop.  When people claim the radical Left is motivated by hostility to Israel, they are not engaged in legitimate discourse.  The Left's motives are beyond the realm of legitimate examination and forensic criticism.  The opponents of the Left are endangering lives.  Just like before Rabin was assassinated.


When opponents of the Left claim that our support for BDS boycotts against Israel is a form of terrorism, THEY need to be reined in.  When opponents of the Left claim that it is anti-democratic to call upon countries to undermine Israeli sovereignty and recognize Palestine, those opponents need to be silenced.  When people accuse us of secret delight at terrorist attacks against Jews, they are exposing us to ridicule.   How dare they!  Their racist books need to be banned.  Their captive media must be shut down.   Israeli academic institutions must be purged of them.  They are proliferating incorrect thinking.  Israel needs to build large internment camps for such dangerous people!


And when we are denounced for celebrating comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany,  our opponents are exhibiting proto-fascism.  They need to be rounded up.  More generally, everyone who disagrees with the Left is a fascist, and the fact that there are so many such people proves that fascism is in imminent danger of winning in Israel.


We need to go now and prepare for Nakba Day mourning events.


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