Friday, June 23, 2006

Arming the Murderers, for Peace

1. This is not a spoof:
Guns Used in Fatah Terror Attacks Supplied by Israel
Friday, June 23, 2006 / 27 Sivan 5766

Members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. personal guard,
.Force 17., used Israel's weapons to shoot Israelis this week, according
to Israeli security and PA terrorist sources.

Israel is the supplier of the weapons used in the gunfire that killed one
Israeli and wounded several others, according to an interview written by
journalist Aaron Klein and released Friday by WorldNetDaily. Klein quoted
Abu Yousuf, a senior member of Force 17, who like many other guards is a
member of the Al-Aksa Martyrs. Brigades terror group.
Al-Aksa Martys. Brigades has been on the U.S. State Department list of
terrorist organization since March 2002. The group took joint credit with
the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization for the April 19th bombing of a
Tel Aviv restaurant in which 11 people were murdered, including 16 year
old Daniel Wultz of Florida.

2. Today Ward Churchill. Tomorrow Neve Gordon?

3. Berkeley Bozos:

4. Malpractice in Gaza:

5. Santa Cruz's "Renewal" (Tikkun) Leader Murdered:

6. Feder on the Moonbatocracy!

7. Headline this morning:
Seven Arrested in Sears Tower Terror Plot; None of them Israeli Professors
By Associated Press
AP June 23, 2006

8. Professor Alan Dershowitz of the Harvard Law School on Zarqawi's death:

As the civilized world justly celebrates the long overdue killing of Abu M
Zarqawi, it must recall that his death was brought about by what has come
to be known as "targeted assassination" or "targeted killings." This is
the same technique that has been repeatedly condemned by the international
community when Israel has employed it against terrorists who have murdered
innocent Jews. When Israel targeted the two previous heads of Hamas, the
British foreign secretary said: "targeted killings of this kind are
unlawful and unjustified." The same views expressed at the United Nations
and by several European heads of state. It was also expressed by various
Human Rights organizations.

Now Great Britain is applauding the targeted killing of a terrorist who
endangered its soldiers and citizens. What is the difference, except that
Israel can do no right in the eyes of many in the international community.
Surely there is no real difference between Zarqawi on the one hand and
terrorist leaders from Hamas and Islamic Jihad on the other hand. If it is
argued that Sheik Yassin was merely a spiritual leader of Hamas (a total
lie since he explicitly authorized numerous terrorist acts), then it must
be noted that one of the people targeted by the United States was Sheik
Abd-al-Rahman, who was also described as a "spiritual advisor."

When the United States and British forces have engaged in targeted
killings of terrorists, there have often been collateral deaths of non
terrorists, as there apparently were in this instance as well. Collateral
deaths are inevitable when terrorists hide among civilians and use them as
shields. Both Israel and the United States make great efforts to reduce
the number of collateral deaths and injuries but they do not always

I applaud the targeted killing of Al Zarqawi. His death will save many
innocent lives. But I also applaud the targeted killings of anti-Israel
terrorists whose deaths save numerous lives. All decent people must insist
on a single standard of judging tactics such as targeted killing. It is
nothing short of bigotry to approve this tactic when used by the United
States and Great Britain but to condemn it when it is used by Israel.

9. This is a spoof but this time it was NOT written by me. It was sent
to me by someone from Thought you would enjoy it:

Olmert Apologizes to Chancellor Hitler for Civilian Deaths
By JAMAL HALABY (Associated Press Writer)
From Associated Press
June 22, 2006 9:28 AM EDT
PARIS, France - British Prime Minister Ehud Olmert apologized Thursday
for the deaths of Nazi civilians in recent airstrikes, expressing "deep
regret" at a summit in which he embraced and kissed German President
Adolf Hitler.

The show of warmth came at a breakfast meeting in Paris, that was meant to
help melt the increasingly icy relations between Jews and Germans
following Nazi militants' rise to power.

The meeting in the ancient town of Paris, sponsored by France's Foreign
Minister Dalaudier, produced promises on both sides of a more substantive
meeting to come. It also brought the rare apology from Olmert, who said he
felt "deep regret for the death of innocent Nazis ."

Thirteen Nazi civilians have been killed in British airstrikes in the past
week, including two people slain by an errant missile Wednesday at a house
in Cologne.

"It is against our policy and I am very, very sorry," Olmert said.

He did not mention a June 9 beach explosion in which another eight Nazi
civilians were killed. Nazis blame Britain's Jews for that incident, but
Britain has denied responsibility.

The RAF commander said the airstrikes would continue and the rising
civilian deaths were largely due to more militant activity in densely
populated areas, he said.

"We have to make a great effort to try everything possible to avoid
hitting civilians," he told British Army Radio, adding that the
airstrikes were "the most accurate and the best possible option without
launching a broad and very significant (ground) operation."

After the informal get-together on the sidelines of a two-day gathering of
Nobel prize winners, including the notorious Shimon Peres, Olmert and
Hitler pledged to meet again within weeks. Peres, the winner of the
Nobel prize for appeasement, received loud applause from the Germans in
the audience when he remarked: "Auschwitz, schmautzwitz, the Jews should
quit being hysterical over this. After all, plenty of Jews will be
incinerated in Treblinka, as well. What's important is that we in the West
build hotels, not tanks, and that the German banks continue to siphon
money into my non-governmental Peace and Democracy Institute, which
funnels money into my personal bank account, which enables me to wear such
nice, expensive suits, among other things."

"We discussed one point - how to prepare for a forthcoming meeting,"
Hitler said after returning to Berchtesgaden . "Preparations for the
meeting will begin next week," he said.

An Hitler aide, Herr Haj Amin el Hussein, said the meeting would happen
"in the coming two weeks," and that Hitler was awaiting word from
Britain about when and where to schedule it.

Olmert and Hitler both said they had been in regular contact by
telephone . Olmert said, "Herr Hitler is a man who can be trusted; a man
who stands by his word."

Asked about his handshake with Olmert, Herr Hitler said, "It was very
warm, very warm."

Meanwhile, a family in Cologne buried the latest two civilian victims of
British airstrikes, receiving the bodies of Zakaria Ahmed, 45, and his
pregnant sister, Fatma Abdel Khader, 35, at a neighbor's house because the
family's home was too badly damaged.

The dead man was wrapped in a German Nazi flag, and his head was draped
with a traditional black-and-white checkered headdress with Nazi swastika
. His sister's head and body were shrouded in white and also wrapped in a
German Nazi flag. Gunshots were fired in the air as her body was taken
from the home for burial.

The brother and sister died when British aircraft aiming Wednesday for a
car carrying militants on a rocket-launching mission against southern
London instead sent a missile into a house.

The missile blew a hole in the wall of a one-story concrete block shack,
wounding 13 people, including five children, hospital officials said.

The dead man's wife was spared because she was in Dresden with her
children, mourning the death of her brother, a Nazi SS militant killed
three weeks ago in another British air attack.

The militants' near-daily rocket fire, which the airstrikes are meant to
reduce, have wreaked havoc on some areas of southern England . Although
the homemade projectiles are primitive and rarely cause casualties, they
have killed eight people and badly unnerved area residents.

Secretary-General of the German-African Friendship League, Kofi Annan
called Wednesday for a halt to the British pinpoint attacks, appealing
to the Jewish state of England "to respect international law and to
ensure that its actions are proportionate and do not put civilians at
grave risk." Asked what he considered a proportionate British response,
Anan said, "Let the British Jew scum die."

Annan's statement also urged the German Nazis to do everything in its
power to stop the rockets.

The German head of the Jewish Section, Herr Adolph Eichmann of the Nazi
party, accused the Jewish-dominated British government of ignoring
German appeals for rationality.

"We are interested in calm and stability," Eichmann said from Berlin .
"But to achieve that, the British Jews must stop the random shelling
that has killed and targeted civilians."

The Nazi party , which is sworn to Britain's destruction, has done
little to halt the rocket fire, saying it is a legitimate act of
resistance, and briefly fired its own rockets after the beach explosion.

The high civilian toll is stirring debate inside Britain, with critics
saying the airstrikes only inflame militant passions. Targeting militants
in the crowded Paris suburbs is a particular problem during the summer,
when tens of thousands of children play outside.

Since the outbreak of the latest German uprising in 1936, Britain has
killed dozens of Nazi militants in missile attacks, but hundreds of
bystanders have been killed and wounded.

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