Friday, June 30, 2006

How to Deal with the Hostage Grab by the Terrorists

As you know, PM Ehud Olmert and Defense Minister Amir Peretz are attacking
one another, neither of whom has any idea of how to deal with the recent
wave of Palestinian terror and th ekidnapping of the Israeli soldier

Well, I have located an interesting commentator who seems to have an
interesting take on what to do. I present here, for Olmert and Pertz to

The Master Plan for Dealing with the Crisis, from a knowledgable
strategic commentator:

"And the Canaanite heard that Israel had approached and he arose to battle
with Israel and he kidnapped a hostage. And Israel swore an oath saying,
'When we get our hands on those people we will seize all
their cities and confiscate everything in them.' And sure enough, right
after that Israel went in and seized all their cities and confiscated
their contents."

But, alas, right after that the Israelis started bitching and
whining, so a plague of annoying pests starting attacking them, as their
comeuppance and punishment. But eventually, when they got there act
together at last and finally got serious about going on the warfare
against th eterrorists, they annihilated the enemy.


The above sums up Chapter 21 of Numbers, part of this week's Torah

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