Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kassams? Shmassams!

1. Current Events Quiz: Who said this?
"Olmert's Contraction Plan will only Produce Escalated Violence, not
reduced Violence."

Who said it? Some crazed Gush Katif settler? Perhaps a Kahanist? An
ultra-Orthodox person still living in the 12th century?

No, grasshopper. This accurate description of th eresults of Olmert's
plan comes from the Goering of the PLO, Muhammed Dahlan, the "moderate"
darling of the Israeli Left. Front page, top banner headline today in

2. Maariv's top headline today. When asked about the nonstop barrage of
Kassam rockets hitting Sderot every day, turning Sderot into the Negev's
Stalingrad, emptying it of its low-income population who flee as refugees,
Shimon Peres replied:

"Kassams? Shmassams!!"

(This is not a spoof!)

3. Herr Pappe goes to London:

4. Lies for Sale:

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