Thursday, June 08, 2006

An Open Letter to President Bush from Meretz, Tikkun, and Peace Now

An Open Letter to President Bush from Meretz, Tikkun, and Peace Now

Dear Mister President:

We are horrified! We are outraged!

What a tragic sabotaging of peace!

We just heard about the latest provocation of the United States in
Iraq. How dare you occupiers conduct an air raid and targeted
assassination against the peace activist and militant Abu Musab
al-Zarqawi! He was the best key to achieving peace! Don't you realize
that such behavior of yours just contributes to the cycle of violence in
the Middle East?

Mister President, on can only make peace with one's enemies! Your
murder of al-Zarqawi is nothing more than symbolic genocide of the Iraqi

Now that you have conducted this crime against humanity, things will
only get worse. After al-Zarqawi has been murdered, now the conflict in
Iraq will be led by real extremists and terrorists. You blew it! Holding
talks with al-Zarqawi instead of bombing him would have been the wise
course of action, the courageous step for people seeking peace.

There is no military solution to the problems of terrorism! The only
way to handle the situation in Iraq is to end the illegal occupation of
Iraq, through an immediate unilateral removal of all American and British
soldiers and settlers.

Al-Zarqawi was a legitimate representative of his people. He enjoyed
popular support. Just because you do not like his opinions was no reason
to kill him!

The only way you can make up for this war crime is to open
negotiations at once with the remaining leadership of Iraqi al-Qaeda and
conduct talks with them in good faith. You must also restore American
funding to all activist groups and parties in Iraq, including the local
chapter of al-Qaeda.

Mister President, peace is what must be sought. Like the Prophets in
the Bible say, pursue peace! Stop the cycle of violence! End the
occupation! Self-determination and freedom for the Al-Qaeda movement of

All we are saying is give peace a chance!

(PS. Anyone know if any ISM members were injured when serving as human
shields for al-Zarqawi?)

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