Thursday, July 13, 2006


1. Open Letter
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert

Mr. Prime Minister:

As you know, Haifa was hit this evening by at least two katyusha
rockets. I demand that you evacuate myself and my family at once and move
us to some place safe - to Gush Katif. We want to repopulate the Gush
Katif settlements in Gaza as part of R&D = Re-Occupation and
DeNazification, so that we can feel safe again. Please Mr. Prime
Minister, help protect my family from terror attacks by reconquering Gaza.

Sincerely yours,


2. Ehud Barak was on TV a few moments ago. He was asked about his
cowardly unilateral decision to order Israeli troops out of Sourthern
Lebanon in 2000. Leaving Hezbollah smack on the border with thousands of
rockets. He stammered, hemmed and hawed.

Israel is now going to have to reconquer southern Lebanon and restore
the Israeli security zone, or else the katyushas will contine to rain down
on northern Israel.

I suggest that the scores of soldiers who will be killed reversing Ehud
Barak's cowardly decision to cut and run be buried in a special cemetery
that should be named "Ehudgrad".

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