Thursday, July 13, 2006

Formula for Success ... Not

1. Formula for Success

Yesterday a Hezbollah terror team cut the security fence along Israel's
Lebanese border, entered Israel, murdered soldiers and kidnapped others,
got away back into Lebanon, and then drenched northern Israel with rockets
and mortars fired OVER the fence.

Under the circumstance, we bring you the following generic article that
could have appeared in any Israeli newspaper on any day in any week over
the past few years, up until last week:

"Why Argue with Success?
"By Yossi Optimossi

"The security fence along the Lebanese border PROVES that a similar fence
can work in Gaza and the West Bank. After all, those naysayers and
rightwing inciters consumed with their own unenlightened negativity warned
that Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Southern Lebanon would create a
security nightmare, where Israel would be unable to stop the terrorism.
But we have seen that the result of the unilateral withdrawal was just the
opposite of what they warned. Look how wrong they have been proven!

"Over the past few years it has been demonstrated that all Israel now
needs is one of those hi-tech gee-whiz security fences with all the
electronic gizmos, just like along the Lebanese border. Once there are no
Israeli troops in Arab lands where they do not belong, the Arab side will
have no further reason to engage in terror and military aggression against
Israel. Simple as pie!

"That is why this Lebanese formula for success must also be duplicated in
the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. A serious security fence with all the
electronic gizmos is all we need, although the fence should be built right
along the Green Line lest it disrupt the lives of Palestinians. Once
there are no settlers and no Israel soldiers in Palestinian lands, the
Palestinians will have no reason to engage in terror either. Us over
here, Them over there, with a nice strong security fence between us to
prevent the odd renegade terrorist from trying to attack Israel inside its
Green Line.

"Territory and military control of the ground are passe. There is no
further need for such things. Simply extending the formula of success
that has performed so well on the Lebanese border to Gaza and the West
Bank as part of 'Disengagement' and 'Convergence' is all that is needed to
extract the Middle East from the endless cycle of violence.

"The Doubting Thomases have been proven wrong. The Lebanese security
fence has supplied the missing solution!"

2.One of the best piece to date on Israel's judicial assault on free
(Top story, then you need to follow pages in the pdf document)

Israel: Remember Dresden
By Eugene Narrett

4. IDF: Muhammad Deif in critical condition,7340,L-3274784,00.html

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