Monday, July 17, 2006

No, those booms 5 minutes ago were not summer lightning

Haifa was hit by katyushas again a few minutes ago.
You will be happy to hear that the headquarters of the Israeli Communist
Party in the Hadar neighborhood were not hit.

1. Pity the Left:

2. Juan Cole, the anti-Semitic professor of Middle East studies at the
University of Michigan, has been cheering on the Hezbollah on his web site . Every attack by Israel is a human rights atrocity, every
katyusha is a "response" to an Israeli aggression.

3. The OTHER crime of Ehud Barak:
This system could have made this war moot, had we been permitted to
continue its development. (System that downs katyushas)

Barak claimed the danger had passed.

4. MK Matan Vilnai: Israel could not deal with rockets until hit by them

Aaron Lerner Date: 16 July 2006

Labor MK Matan Vilnai explained in a live interview on Channel Two
Television this afternoon that Israel knew about the dangers of the

5. Israeli leftist general tells the world off:

6. Haifa University has been closed for the katyusha duration but I have
proposed to the university chiefs that Ilan Pappe, Yuval Yonay, Avraham
Oz, and other leftist anti-Zionist faculty members, be left on campus,
perhaps chained to the lamp-posts, as human shields. I am waiting for
their reply.

The residents of Sderot offered residents of Haifa shelter there if they
want to get away from the katyushas. I am staying put though; after all,
who would feed the cats?

7. The Israeli Moonbatocracy, filled with leftist professors, declared
war yesterday ... on Israeli imperialism:

Bombing that demonstration would have done more to stop the war than
bombing Beirut.


WASHINGTON -- After the Senate voted 93-6 today against setting a timeline
for withdrawal from Iraq, Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy held a news
conference to announce that his 93 colleagues are "clearly out of the
mainstream of American opinion."

Senators Kennedy and John Kerry of Massachusetts voted for the timeline,
along with Democrat Senators Tom Harkin of Iowa, Barbara Boxer of
California, Robert Byrd of West Virginia and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

.The six of us represent the heart.s cry of every red-blooded American,.
said Sen. Kennedy. .We hear the voice of the people, and the people say
they want immediate, unconditional withdrawal of U.S. forces from
Iraq...well, at least the people I talk to, which includes regular,
everyday people like my stock broker, my butler, my chauffer, and Nancy
Pelosi. That's at least 0.00000002% of the American population right

Senator Kerry, the presumptive runner-up for the 2008 Democrat
presidential nomination, criticized the legislation introduced by
Republicans as a cheap stunt designed to preempt his own forthcoming Iraq
pullout bill.

.I have a plan for a strategic withdrawal from Iraq,. said Sen. Kerry. .I
plan to release my plan about the same time the Democrat National
Committee unveils its plan for America.s future, or right after Microsoft
releases its new Vista operating system, whichever comes first..

-- Scott Ott, courtesy Scrappleface, Copyright 2006 Scrappleface. All
rights reserved.

8. Here is a peace instrument:,7340,L-3277034,00.html

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