Friday, July 14, 2006

The September 10th Syndrome and Ehud Barak

1. Speaking of the "September 10th Syndrome", it seems it can sometimes
continue even on September 12th.

The katyushas falling on Haifa, Nahariya, and Safed might as well have
been personally fired into Israel by Ehud Barak, who implemented the
"Israeli Unilateral Retreat in Exchange for Nothing" doctrine for
achieving peace.

So did little Ehud learn something from this week's events? Not a bit!
Here is Ehud defending his decision to abandon northern Israel to the
merices of the Hezbollah missiles:

Hey what are YOU complaining about? Didn't his unilateral surrender to
the Hezbollah result in 6 years of tranquility until now? He deserves a
medal for his shrewd foresight!

Oh, and here is Yossi Beilin proposing that Israel stop the rockets by
turning the Golan Heights over to Syria:
'Meretz faction chairman Yossi Beilin backed the military operation but
asked Peretz to keep the operation's end objective in mind. "An attack on
Hizbullah is justified, but in the end we will have to come to an
understanding, including one with Syria," he said.'

Meanwhile, I really am concerned about the parking congestion problems
throughout the Hezbollah-dominated areas in southern Lebanon. I really
think the humane thing for Israel to do would be to help relieve those
problems with some new large parking lots.

2. So is there any hope that Norman Finkelstein or Noam Chomsky is on
their annual "Solidarity with Hizbollah" summer vacation?

3. Fox News: "One of the hits on Haifa was not a rocket
but a missile fired by a contingent of Iranian guards".

4. Call for IDF to bomb anarchists offices:

5. War Now:

6. Can we get the ISM to set up shop in Southern Lebanon?

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