Thursday, July 13, 2006

We Feel Stupid, Oh So Stupid

In the past every time the Left's "conception" and Oslo completely fell
apart, I would hurry to celebrate. Sure, it would be in the middle of
terrorist carnage, or the Hamas "election" victory, or Hezbollah outrages,
but all that would be a small price to pay if it meant that at long last
Israel would awake from its long hallucinatory pipedream of "peace
process", would take to the tanks and planes, and implement R&D =
Re-Occupation and DeNazification, at long long last.

Each time I would show up on campus with a large grin, expecting all
the moonbats to be ripping out their hair and rending their clothes in
mourning over how stupid they had been, how obvious it is NOW that their
entire "understanding" of the conflict has been completely wrong, how
there was no solution to the war besides victory over the savages, how
the entire set of policies implemented at the Left's direction ever since
1993 (and perhaps earlier) were simply 180 degrees in the incorrect
direction and had made the situation infinitely worse.

Of course, I was always wrong. There was no such awakening from the
pipedream, just an insistence that Israel had not gone far enough in
appeasing, self-abasement, self-humiliation, and capitulation.

I must confess my perpetual weakness, because part of me still is
deluded into think thating the opening of an all-out war against Israel
this week by the Hezbollah and Hamas would be enough to wake up the
clueless lemmings of Israel, the wishful thinking dullards, and the
deluded Left with its Me-Too-Kadima-and-Likud "Right".

Actually if some katyushas on the Galilee were enough to achieve that, I
would propose we all say a special prayer of thanksgiving to He who has
given us the katyusha of hope and national recovery.

Meanwhile, I still cannot help gloating as the entire edifice of
Leftist stupidity comes crashing down, yet again. There are so few
reasons for amusement.

I regret to tell you that it got my poetic juices a-working.

The New Song of the Israeli Left (and fellow travellers)
From West Bank Story
Music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics almost by Stephen Sondheim.

(to the tune of "I Feel Pretty")

We feel stupid,
Oh, so stupid,
We feel stupid, dimwitted and dumb!
What a pity
That we didn't wise up some.

We feel helpless,
Oh, so helpless
It's alarming how clueless We feel!
And so stupid,
That We hardly can believe 'tis real.

See the stupid prof in that mirror there,
Who can that retarded prof be?
Such a stupid face,
Such a stupid grin,
Such a stupid mind,
Such a stupid he!

We feel useless
And abusive,
As katyushas extinguish our plan,
After so long
With the state eating lard from our hand!
(La lalalalalalalalala)

Have you met my good friend Avnery,
The craziest bat in the place?
You'll know him the minute you see him,
He's the one with the henna paint face.

We thought we had love.
We though we were really in Spain.
We offered our love,
We were Hamas-infatuated insane

It must be the heat
Or some rare disease,
Or too much to eat
Or maybe our fleas.

We feel stupid,
Oh, so stupid
That the city should give us the boot.
A committee
Should be organized to execute.

La la la la . . .

We feel dizzy,
In a tizzy,
We feel fizzy and cloddish bovine,
And so stupid,
Yossi Beilin can just go resign!

La la la la . . .

See the stupid Left in that mirror there:

What mirror where?

What can that retarded camp be?

Which? What? Where? Whom?

Such a stupid camp,
Such a stupid plan,
Such a stupid psyche,
Such a stupid me!

Such a stupid me!

We feel stupid,
Oh, so stupid
That the city should give us the boot.
A committee
Should be organized to execute.

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