Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Anarcho-fascists get a floggin in their noggen!

1. Floggin their Noggen

In the middle of the war, a group of "Anarchists against the Zionist
Entity" decided to conduct a violent confrontation with Israeli soldiers.
The "anarchists" were trying to tear down part of Israel's security fence
to allow the suicide bombers to get in more easily. The Israeli police
fired rubber bullets at the anarcho-fascists. Two were badly injured, one
evidently brain damaged, although he was probably brain damaged even
before being injured.
The Left and its captive Haaretz have been demanding an official
I agree. I want to know why ONLY two of the anarcho-fascists were
badly injured by rubber bullets!!
You can enjoy this tasteful artistic documentation of the injury here:
and here:

2. Israelis are not as dumb as their leaders:
A Smith Research poll published in the business daily Globes found that 62
percent felt that Olmert did not handle the war properly and only 34% said
he handled it well, compared to 73% who praised his performance a week

A Dahaf Institute poll in Yediot Aharonot found 47% approved of Olmert's
performance and 51% disapproved.

A Teleseker poll in Ma'ariv revealed that 43% were satisfied with Olmert
before the war, 78% during the war and only 40% on Tuesday. The polls
found that Peretz's situation was even worse.

Teleseker found that 28% approved of his performance before the war, 61%
during and 28% now. Dahaf gave Peretz a 36% approval rating and 63%
disapproved. In the Smith Research poll, 31% thought that Peretz handled
his duties well, compared to 62% a week ago.

Asked whether Israel won the war in Lebanon, 30% of respondents in the
Dahaf poll said yes, 18% in the Teleseker poll and 44% in the Smith
Research poll, which was taken on Sunday, two days before the other two

Regarding whether Israel was correct in accepting the cease-fire that took
effect on Monday morning, 70% in the Dahaf poll and 53% in the Teleseker
poll said no.

In the Smith poll 6% of respondents felt the cease-fire achieved a
majority of Israel's goals, 25% said it was the best that could be
achieved under the circumstances, 38% said it was not good but Israel had
to accept it and 28% called the cease-fire a "bad agreement that would
lead to future battles."

The Teleseker poll asked respondents who was to blame for failures in the
war. Forty-nine percent said Olmert, 41% said Peretz, 40% IDF Chief of
General Staff Dan Halutz, 18% said OC Northern Command Udi Adam and only
3% said there were no failures in the war.

The poll found that were elections to be held today, the Likud would jump
from 12 seats to 20, Labor would fall from 19 to 15 and Kadima would
remain unchanged at 29

3. Haaretz' new masters: no need to comment:
"Kurt DuMont's 78-year-old son, Alfred, the group's current owner, has no
Nazi ties, and shouldn't be tarred by his father's deeds." That leaves
several Haaretz regular columnists, though, who still maintain neo-nazi
ties! For example, Gideon Levy and Amira Hass are regulars on
Counterpunch, a leftwing neo-nazi web magazine.

4. Oh boo hoo:
Haaretz photographer beaten by IDF officers near border

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