Monday, August 21, 2006

Bumper Sticker Survey

1. I live in what is probably one of the most entrenched leftist
neighborhoods in Israel, conservative only when compared with Hashomer
Hatzair kibbutzim. Until recently, roughly every third car in the
neighborhood had some sort of leftist bumper sticker. Some just said
"Peace Now," others demanded evacuation of the occupied territories for
Israel's sake, others denounced settlers as criminals, and some simply
read "Shalom Chaver".

On shabbat I went for a long walk around the neighborhood, enjoying the
absence of katyusha explosions. This is not exactly the most scientific
way to gauge things, but what I saw was a political revolution. In the
entire neighborhood, I could not find a single leftist bumper sticker.
And this in the bastion of Haaretz and Meretz! The car owners had taken
them all down.

True, I also did not see a lot of right-wing bumper stickers. But most
rightists are reluctant to put political bumper stickers on their cars
because of the well-known notorious practice by leftists of vandalizing
such cars. I did see some though. What I saw more of were generic
patriotic bumper stickers such as "We will Win" or "We are Fighting for
Our Home" and "Israel stands With the Golan".

2. From Nissan Ratzlav-Katz at Arutz7:
'I heard on the BBC (horrors!) a report from southern Lebanon in which the
reporter interviewed one of the Lebanese soldiers moving into the south of
the country. He asked the Leb soldier if the army would disarm Hizbullah.

'"But if we take away their arms, they will not be a strong force!" the
soldier answered incredulously. Like, duh - stupid Brit. Why would we do
The reporter continued saying something like: "This soldier apparently
does not have a handle on the mission here."
Actually, I think he has a pretty good idea.

3. Taxpayer funded:

4. Well, at least one mystery has been solved. We now know why the
Olmert government was behaving with such gross incompetence throughout the
war. It seem sthat Olmert was using Ehud Barak as one of his advisors.

Yes, the same Barak who implemented the cowardly unilateral withdrawal
from Lebanon in the first place, the Barak that was in effect personally
responsible for the 4000 rockets obliterating northern Israel.

Oh, Haaretz mentions that Olmert has NOT offered Barak now a new
cabinet job.

5. Since this guy used to run intelligence, you now have a perfect
explanation for why Israeli intelligence is such a failure:

6. Ultra-Left anti-Israel writer is gone:

7. Something that just might at long last get the Tikkunies angry at the

8. At least ONE person thinks Israel won:

9. Hate speech in Deutschland:

10. NY Slimes

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