Monday, August 07, 2006

How to Make it End

1. So many people are asking "When will it all end?" But the answer is
so simple. It will not end until Ramat Aviv is attacked massively by
rockets and missiles.

2. The Israel of today is not the same country as the Israel of a
month ago. The metamorphosis in the media illustrates it better than
anything else. Sure, Gideon Levy and Amira Hass are still cheering for a
Hezbollah victory. But suddenly they are almost alone. The bulk of the
Israeli media writers are suddenly militant and patriotic. Yesterday's
leftist lemmings are suddenly demanding a more serious ground invasion of
Lebanon, and urging that Israel resist calls for a ceasefire.
Ultra-leftists like Yaron London are suddenly warmongers.

Perhaps one of the best illustrations of all this is the change in the
ultras of Israel's literary Left. Far-leftist writers like Amos Oz, AB
Yehoshua, and even David Grossman, are suddenly patriots. In a large ad
in the Hebrew press (can be read in Hebrew at ). Sure they whine
about civilian collateral damage in Lebanon and urge an immediate
ceasefire that would leave the Hezb rockets on the borders, but they also
declare that broad Israeli military attacks on Lebanon are fully
justified. What next . Michael Lerner urging people to beware of the
dangers of LSD?

Of those who have learned nothing by the way, the most glaring is Ehud
Olmert. He declared that the war in Lebanon is all designed to allow him
to go forward with his unilateral retreat plan for the West Bank, which
caused some soldiers to take off their uniforms and refuse to fight for
such a "goal". Even Dan Margolit, Israel's most distinguished journalist
(centrist, or mild lefty), denounced Olmert for this folly and demanded
that new elections be held before Olmert does anything in that direction.
Insisting that Olmert no longer had any popular mandate to make ANY
concessions to the Palestinians.

Another indication . In large ads a far-leftist pro-terror media group
calling itself "Keshev", a group we have commented upon before, is
suddenly denouncing "the conscripted media" in Israel, meaning the media
endorsing Israel's right to defend itself against terror. This enrages

Keshev had grown used to the past 20 years in which Israel's media were
entirely conscripted in promoting the agenda of the far Left. Now that so
much of the media are calling for escalating the war against terror,
Keshev and its other well-funded mini-groups of the extremist left are
suddenly upset about the "conscripted media".

3. Holocaust Denier Norman Finkelstein, Neve Gordon's mentor and hero,
is very proud to have made it into this deck of cards:
By the way, even the far-left semi-communist "Progressive" magazine now
considers Finkelstein to be a Holocaust Denier!

4. By my reckoning, nearly half the deaths in the katyusha attacks have
been Israeli Arabs, a bit of an ironic comment on how many Arabs live in
northern Israel. Naturally, the vast majority of Israeli Arabs are
cheering on the Hezbollah. The Arab whose two children were killed in
Nazareth went on TV to salute and justify the Hezbollah attacks on Israel.
Last night on al-Jazeera (which is permitted to roam Israel freely),
Israeli Arabs speaking in Arabic were blaming Israel for the rockets
landing in their villages. One declared, "Just because two of THEIR
soldiers were kidnapped, THEY went to war and now we are being killed."
"Their two soldiers" were of course soldiers in the country of which the
speaker is a citizen.

Israel Arab politicians continue to cheer and applaud the rockets landing
in Israel. Yesterday the leftist Attorney General decided not to
prosecute one of the worst of these, not open procedures to strip him of
his Israeli citizenship.

By the way, evidently al-Jazeera had advanced warning of the attack on the
reservists in Kfar Giladi that killed 12 yesterday. That has NOT landed
the al-Jazeerans in Israeli prison.

5. Well, I know I am going to get flack for this.

But the only way to stop the attacks on Israel from southern Lebanon, at
least short of creation of a serious Lebanese army, is to empty it. To
remove its population.

Depopulate it! And keep moving the empty no-man's land area deeper and
deeper until no missiles hit Israel. And if that line has to be in Syria,
so be it.

The fact that Israel has yet to obliterate the Syrian military machine in
this affair is a matter of greatest national shame.

And while we are on the subject, (partial?) depopulation of the Gaza Strip
is not a bad way to end the Kassams on the Negev as well. I proposed
years ago to put all of Gaza under permanent house arrest, with everyone
in permanent curfew, being supplied with nothing but stale pita and sour
tasting water.


But allowing out-migration!

6. How do you know Olmert and Peretz are still playing games? When
the headline reads "In heavy fighting today 6 terrorists were killed."

When it says "In heavy fighting today, 10,000 of the enemy were killed,
you will know that Israel has stopped playing.

7. That was fast:

8. Pizza Aid:

9. Werner Cohen on anti-Israel radical (retired prof from BGU_ Jeff

10. An epidemiologist analyzs anti-Semitism:

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