Thursday, August 31, 2006

News stories from the Trenches

1. The Culprit:

2. On Losing Wars:

3. How Israel's Media helped it Lose the War:

4. At last: An end to the WJC Imbroglio
By Isi Leibler August 5, 2006

During these days of pain for the Jewish people, we must concentrate all
our efforts towards supporting the State of Israel in its struggle against
the forces of darkness.

I am therefore delighted that at long last, the WJC have come to its
senses and has unconditionally retracted the $6 million libel suit
launched against me in the Tel Aviv District Court.

The retraction is a triumph of sorts over a vindictive campaign which
continued to embroil Jewish communities throughout the world in an utterly
senseless ongoing scandal.

When the damning report from New York Attorney General Elliot Spitzer was
released, I was totally vindicated. The report more than confirmed my
concerns in relation to financial irregularities and prescribed the
reforms to be implemented by the WJC, including the obligation of the
chairman of the Governing Board to step down.

As far as I was concerned, that should have been the end of an unseemly
scandal. I wrote to all WJC members expressing the hope that the
"confrontations of the past will now be set aside in favor of constructive
activity on behalf Klal Yisrael and the State of Israel", and urged the
WJC to fully implement the fiscal and oversight reforms prescribed by the
Attorney General to create a new regime based on governance and financial

Like many others, I was therefore appalled when, simultaneously with the
release of the Attorney General's report, the WJC leaders launched a $6
million libel suit against me. I did not fear the consequences for myself
personally because the Attorney General's report served as the best
possible defense.

But I warned that a public trial would reignite the scandal in the media
and impact negatively on Jewish communities and the image of the Jewish
people. Regrettably, I was proven correct.

It is unfortunate that despite the growing negative publicity and the
calls from their member communities to stop the action, the WJC only
finally withdrew in the wake of the disaffiliation of the Australian
Jewish Community from the WJC.

Needless to say, I wish to profusely thank all of you who encouraged and
supported my struggle for financial transparency, accountability and

Having served the WJC for 40 years, I deeply regret that over the past two
years, this self-inflicted scandal has effectively undermined the
organization. I genuinely hope that under new leadership and after
implementation of the reforms prescribed by the New York Attorney General,
a reformed and democratic WJC will resume its former role as a
constructive vehicle for World Jewry, once more focusing on its mission
and concentrating on the burning challenges now confronting the Jewish

Today the Jewish people stand at a crossroads. We must set aside all
differences and concentrate on supporting Israel in its present
confrontation with the advance of barbaric Islamic fundamentalism which
represents a threat not only to Israel but to the entire civilized world.

Whilst we in Israel are on the front lines of this battle, this is also a
time for Diaspora Jews to stand up and be counted. The solidarity
missions, the public demonstrations and other activities designed to
support Israel must be stepped up.


I will be donating all my legal costs to be recovered from the WJC to
Emunah-Israel for their programs among children traumatized by the war in
the north of Israel. (My wife Naomi is currently international president
of World Emunah, the religious Zionist women's organization devoted to
social welfare projects in Israel).

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