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Clueless in Kiryat Ono

Clueless in Kiryat Ono
By Steven Plaut

If Israeli leftists and Post-Zionists could be somehow transferred in time
back to 1942, they would all be taking to the streets demanding that
unilateral force not be used against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.
Unilateralism is a form of aggression and Western imperialism, they would
bellow. Time to open up talks and reach a mutual agreement. Time to stop
using any military tactics that might cause civilian casualties. Time to
stop killing German troops without letting them have their day in court.

The jihad against "unilateralism" has become the new mantra of Israel's
far Left in the wake of the war with the Hezbollah. With nearly 100% of
the Jewish population of Israel endorsing massive military retaliation
against the Hezbollah and Hamas, and most Israelis demanding a new Israeli
government that will finish the job that Olmert was afraid to begin, the
Left now has a dilemma. It is trying to position itself as close as it
can to the national consensus in rhetorical denunciation of the terror
aggression, while trying to sell the public on the snake oil that
"unilateralism is bad".

Bar-Ilan University is not the first place one thinks of when
contemplating the activities of Israel's academic Fifth Column. After
all, it is a nominally Orthodox institution, and the Orthodox generally
maintain a healthy skepticism about the "Peace through Capitulation"
mindset that has dominated Israeli politics in recent years. But even
Bar-Ilan has its share of post-Zionists, radical leftists, and advocates
of the Rwanda solution to Israel's existence.

One of the most radical leftist at Bar-Ilan is Dr. Menachem Klein, who
teaches political science there. (Klein likes to
sign his name "professor" even though he is only a senior lecturer.)
Klein is linked to assorted Far-Leftist anti-Zionist groups like "Brit
Tzedek V'shalom" ( )
and "Betselem", a make-pretend human rights watchdog that cannot conceive
of Jews having any human rights. He was an adviser to the to the leftist
Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami and to Ehud Barak when the Labor Party was
in power, and his main efforts were devoted to convincing Barak to turn
the Old City of Jerusalem over to the Palestinian terrorists (see ). He has been one of the main
people pushing Yossi Beilin's "Geneva Accord", based on Israeli
capitulation ( ). He has
lobbied Congress in Washington to be more pro-Palestinian
( ). He blamed
Ariel Sharon for the wave of Palestinian suicide bombers
( ). He likes to refer to
Israeli Arabs as "Israeli Palestinians."

Here is representative Klein Newspeak: "The Symbiotic Connection with the
Palestinian 'Other'.

"The struggle with the Palestinian demon is not carried on with a being
that is outside of the collective self, but rather with the dark,
repressed side of the Israeli experience. The attitude toward the Other as
a demonic icon is an opposite discourse with the collective self. The
demonized Other is created by the collective self to enable it to be
destroyed over and over and to cleanse the Israeli self."
( )

Klein has a column in the August 7, 2006 issue of Jerusalem Report. The
Jerusalem Report has tried to fence off for itself the left wing of Jewish
public opinion, down to and including the practitioners of the Tikkun
Cult. The article by Klein there is entitled "Eyeless in Gaza," but
should more properly be entitled "Clueless in Bar-Ilan." It is a
broadside against "unilateralism". The alternative to "unilateralism"
that Klein wants is really Israeli capitulation to terrorist demands. If
unilateralism is prohibited, this amounts to granting Arab terrorists a
veto power over Israeli decisions and strategy. "Unilateralism is not a
strategy," writes Klein, "or even a tactic. It is a state of mind that
has taken hold of the collective Israeli psyche."

Klein is never bothered by Arab unilateralism. When the Hamas
unilaterally fires Kassams at Israeli civilians and unilaterally kidnaps a
soldier, Klein will not hear of Israel using force in retaliation. When
the Hezbollah unilaterally fires 4000 missiles loaded up with ball
bearings at Jewish civilians, Klein refuses to approve Israel's using
force against such unilateralism. Unilateralism is something that only
Israel must be deprived of using. That is because unilateralism would
mean that Israel would defend itself, and that is the one thing Israeli
leftists insist Israel must never do!

Klein adds: "Unlike Palestinian terrorists, Israel does not set out to
kill of injure as many civilians as it can (unilaterally? .SP). But
deliberately pressuring non-combatants as a means of achieving political
goals is nevertheless considered a terrorist act by many of Israel's
critics. (Like Klein? .SP)"

Now I would really like to hear from Klein a list of historic conflicts
that were not in fact ended by "unilateralism". The best example of the
rejection of "unilateralism" these days is the campaign to let Iran go
ahead with building nukes rather than use "unilateralism". Sanctions
that make it harder to shop at Walmart are the Left's only answer to the
Iranian Holocaust Denial and nukes . Multilateralism basically assures
that all conflicts will end like the League of Nation's attempt to prevent
Italy from annexing (unilaterally) Abyssinia, meaning - in failure.

Now the real problem of course is that Israel's governments over the past
two decades or so have been too pusillanimous to pursue the only sorts of
unilateralism that can end the Middle East conflict.

2. Jewish leaders irked California city gave symbolic key to Palestinian
By: Associated Press
Published: August 31, 2006

Jewish leaders in Santa Cruz asked the mayor to apologize for giving a
ceremonial city key to the Palestinian ambassador after the visiting
leader called Lebanon's Hezbollah "an amateur in terrorism compared to

But Mayor Cynthia Mathews defended the symbolic gesture of welcome and
respect as an appropriate show of support for Ambassador Afif Safieh's
efforts to promote peace in the Middle East. She said she would do the
same if an Israeli official came to Santa Cruz.

"I acted on Safieh's work to encourage communication and peaceful
resolution to the conflict, which is something I think we would all like
to see," Mathews said Tuesday, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported.

Five local Jewish leaders met with the mayor earlier this month after
Safieh made the Hezbollah-Israel comparison during remarks at an event
sponsored by the Resource Center for Nonviolence. Mathews introduced the
ambassador and handed him the city key during the appearance.

"With statements like this, I felt this was not the kind of person we
should be honoring," said Rabbi Rick Litvak of Temple Beth El.

In the past decade, Santa Cruz mayors also have awarded city keys to such
VIPs as spiritual leader Ram Dass, filmmaker Michael Moore, folk singer
Arlo Guthrie and Lex van den Berghe, a local reality TV star.

3. Nostalgia Time: Old televized debate between Meir Kahane and Ehud

4. The Media lied again:


Why Are Mormons (& John Conyers) Funding Islamic Terrorism? By Debbie
Mormons are among the most patriotic Americans.
So, why are they the new financiers of Islamic terrorism and instruction
young children in beheadings?
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormon Church, is the
single largest donor to the U.S. branch of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW),
known as Islamic Relief. In the past year, it donated $1.6 million to the
But Islamic Relief is not just any charity. The Israeli government says it
is a front for the Hamas.

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