Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet Israel's Lord Haw Haw

1. Meet Israel's Lord Haw Haw:

2. Menachem Klein (Bar Ilan University) says Israel is a Spartan

3. We all know that Amnesty International is a biased anti-Israel
group that does not think Jews have the right to defend themselves from
barbarous terror, and it is never particularly concerned about murders of

But it is not every day that a past head of an Amnesty International
chapter denounces it for open anti-Semitism and bias against Israel. That
is precisely what Michael Ehrlich writes in a guest Op-Ed in Haaretz
(Hebrew only - )

Ehrlich had run the Israeli chapter of Amnesty. In his Op Ed, he recalls
how Amnesty's latest report claims Israel's response to the massive rocket
attack by the Hezbollah was "disproportionate" and accuses Israel of
intentionally targeting civilians. Ehrlich accuses Amnesty of ignoring
the context in which civilian infrastructure and homes in Lebanon were
destroyed, pretending Israel just woke up one morning and attacked them.
There is no mention of actual battles that took place in Lebanese villages
that suffered destruction. He mentions that Amnesty in effect denies
Israel any right of self-defense. Amnesty also ignores the roles of
"innocent" Lebanese factories, like "milk factories", in storing and
producing rockets, and the fact that the Hezbollah routinely uses civilian
homes, churches, mosques, and school to fire at Israel.

4. Just heard this: What is the difference between the three
non-Orthodox movements in American Judaism?
* Reform: Lazy
* Reconstructionist: Crazy
* Conservative: Hazy

5. Toronto Sun on Nuking Iran:

6. The Israel-bashing American Left:

7. Neturei Moslems?

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