Monday, October 09, 2006

How to protect Sderot from Kassams

INN News reports the following:
Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal was flung to the floor of his living room Saturday night after a Kassam rocket landed next to his house. An Islamic Jihad terror group claimed responsibility for the attack.No one was injured in the rocket attack launched by members of the Islamic Jihad-linked al-Quds Brigades terrorist organization, although residents were shaken up by the incident..I was thrown from my chair by the force of the explosion,. said Moyal. .I knew immediately that it was a Kassam rocket and went to see if any of the neighbors were hurt..Moyal said, .to [his] happiness., that no one was wounded in the attack, except for the neighbors who went into shock, but .there is damage to my house and to other houses... mainly damage to window panes and the walls.This attack barely missed Moyal.s house, but last week another family was not so lucky. A Kassam scored a direct hit on their home, wounding two residents and sending seven others into shock..It just doesn.t stop,. Moyal said. .If the rocket had landed another 10 meters in, we would have had to bury people tonight.. The mayor underscored the inability of the IDF to deal effectively with the ceaseless attacks..Nothing has been done about this matter. Just as we say all the time, this embarrassment of Kassam firings at Sderot needs to be stopped,. he said. .Instead of celebrating [the Sukkot holiday] we are sustaining Kassam rockets."

2. I would like to propose a solution to the Kassam problem for Sderot. It is very simple. I call it the North Korea Solution for Sderot. By that I mean that Sderot should follow the lead of North Korea and develop its own nuclear facilities. For peaceful uses of course.
No doubt Bill Clinton will arrange for funding them, just as he arranged the funding for North Korea's peaceful uses of nuclear technology. And it should be pretty easy to organize the technical side: Sderot is not that far from Dimona and so it could utilize some of the local talent and skilled workers from Dimona in its own program.
The world should have no objection. After all, it is doing nothing at all about the Iranian nuke program and all it is talking about doing with North Korea is have some economic sanctions. Never mind that North Korea has no foreign trade at all with anyone anyway that can be disrupted by sanctions.
So even if the world placed sanctions on Sderot should it violate the terms of its commitment and actually explode a nuke, not much damage could be expected. Sderot does not have very much international trade. And since we all know that Israel has no nuclear weapons, Sderot could become the nuclear umbrella protecting the rest of Israel.
But most importantly, I would wager a year's salary that the moment Sderot had its own nuclear program, not a single Kassam rocket would ever again land there.

3. Livni just as bad?,7340,L-3311512,00.html

4. The Axis of Good:

5. The Un-Pollard:
Montaperto Gets 3 Months Jail Spying for Chinese
Pentagon analyst gets light jail termBy Bill Gertz
September 9, 2006Justice4JP


For over a decade, Ronald Montaperto, a former pentagon
analyst gave highly classified information to the Chinese
which seriously damaged US National Security. Montaperto
was just sentenced to 3 months in prison.

Teaching Teachers to Hate Israel

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